First, credit where credit is due:

A tip of the Uncle Bruno hat to gaelicgirl for inspiring this post!

On Sunday Doomberg posted a piece that basically postulated Trump was the “Rat Pack Candidate” to Clinton being the choice of the “Hippie”.

The original article came from the New York Post circa May 2016 and if you missed Doom’s take you can find it here.

Sparta’s own Diva of Pro Football gaelicgirl pointed out the Mad Men connection in the cements.

I think she got it right.

Face it Spartan’s – Don Draper was an occasionally caddish womanizer from back in the day when men wore hats.

And Trump is nothing if not the heir apparent to the swaggering male sex symbol of the Sixties.

A case could be made that El Donaldo is the Orange Cultural Love Child of Frank Sinatra and Marylin Monroe.

Hey look, I’m no fan of Tail-gunner Joe but I find The Don’s long-time association with badass lawyer/shark Roy Cohn to be more of a feature than a bug. (especially because it’s an instant Safe Space trigger for the Snowflake crowd.)

And despite the 21st century protestations of the Pussy Rioters Senior Citizen Brigade you can’t tell me that Gloria Steinem & her septuagenarian sisters wudda been swatting away the Roman Hands of John, Paul and George  back in the day.

Ringo, yeah, but not the others.

OK, Mick and Keith too, excepting for the gum-snapping girls who liked the Bad Boys.

So who knows? Maybe despite the Best Efforts of the Oshkosh b’gosh overall wearing Aquarianettes a majority portion of White Women’s Voting Contingent (53%) had the Two Don’s connection on their minds when they pulled the voting booth curtain.

So there.

Think I’m gonna go grab me a nice cold Coke and teach that big ol’ world another verse to sing…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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