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Trump and the Curse of Five

We have just watched the 58th presidential inauguration. Yet, there has only been 42 different presidents elected. (Presidents Filmore, Tyler and Andrew Johnson inherited the job, for a total of 45 different presidents. While some presidents get two kicks at the can (or four in FDR’s case) some have died in office not even finishing a first term. Fate is a fickle thing. That is, after all, why we have vice-presidents. And dash cams.

I remember back in 1980, when Reagan was elected, talk of some kind of presidential curse. It was a numerology thing.  Allegedly, up until the time, any president who was elected or re-elected in a year ending in 0 – there is one every 20 years – was doomed to die in office. From the short-lived 30-day presidency of William Henry Harrison elected in 1840 to that of John F Kennedy in 1960, any president who came to power in a year ending in a 0 died in office. So, when Reagan was elected in 1980, there was talk that this curse would befall him as well.

This relationship between election years ending in a 0 and dying in office was known as the Curse of Tippecanoe, named after the famous Indian battle near the Tippecanoe rivers in 1811 where Indiana Governor Harrison defeated the forces of Indian warrior Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa. It is said that Tenskwatawa, who was known as the “the Prophet” and someone believed also skilled at administering curses, resented Harrison for not only the ultimate defeat, but for the enmity the defeat created between him and his brother who blamed him for the loss. He was also miffed that Harrison got the nickname “old Tippecanoe”  in honor of this victory. I guess it kind of stuck in his craw like manspreading does to a feminist. Regardless, every president since then who was elected in a year ending in a 0 never survived the presidency. Some were assassinated, others died of natural causes. The curse was 7 for 7.

So, on the afternoon of March 30, 1981, it was this I was thinking of when I heard that Reagan had been shot. Hinckley shot three people, including Reagan, but armed with only a low calibre Saturday night special, none of the wounds, even James Brady’s headshot, and policeman Thomas Delahanty’s neck shot, were ultimately fatal. I suppose the fact that Reagan went on to survive his bullet wound might have ended the curse. Or signaled that there never was a curse. I never heard of it after that. Who today has ever heard of the Curse of Tippecanoe? (Yes I know, who today has even heard of President William Henry Harrison.) But seeing that George W was elected in 2000, and he survived his presidency with only a ballistic shoe coming his way, the curse had to be only in our imaginations. Or cancelled. (Though it was reported that W fainted from choking on a pretzel in 2002 – an ignominious way to go, and a tactic probably below Tecumseh’s brother.)

Unfortunately, there might be another bit of deadly numerology afoot. And it follows something I call the Curse of Five. It is a pattern among those presidents murdered or otherwise shot by assassins. And since we are living in a time when we have never been more polarized and when we have never had this many politically-motivated crazies, most of whom are organized in some fashion, if there is a curse on US presidents, a president dying in office due to murder is much more likely than succumbing to a bowl of cherries and ice milk like President Zachary Taylor did. So let’s look at it.

Of the 45 presidents of the United States, five of these were shot by assassins. Strangely, four of those five had the number in their place in the line of presidents as a multiple of 5.  The exception being Lincoln who was the 16th president, not the 15th, while Coolidge was the 30th president but avoided any bullets.

Assassination plots are not limited to just the famous few who were shot, of course. Many other presidents were the subject of plots and attempts. Jackson, Taft and Hoover, Nixon, Ford, Carter and FDR all were subject to plots. Teddy was shot after he left office and Truman was targeted in an actual attack where his security detail was wounded. But only five sitting presidents have been shot, the first being Lincoln. The four since Abe are:

20th president – Garfield – assassinated

25th president – McKinley – assassinated

35th president – Kennedy – assassinated

40th president – Reagan – almost assassinated

45th president – Trump  –                  ?

Surely just a coincidence.

I am not a superstitious person and, in fact, do not believe in any superstition whether they be fairies, folklore, gods or goblins. My job requires that I walk under ladders and my cat is black. Nor am I a fan of numerology – the cryptic art of seeing divine connections between events and related numbers, usually by manipulating the hell out of them. Still, human beings have a well-known predilection for seeing patterns in randomness – especially when they want to see such a pattern – consciously or not. Whether you see a fluffy sheep in the clouds, a face on Mars, or a devil’s face in the smoke from 9/11 – a phenomenon known as pareidolia – or you see patterns in random data, you are subject to what psychologists would term apophenia. So, as a human being myself, and of questionable quality no less, I am not immune to this trickery. Thus, I can’t help but notice. But while I discount this observation during the day as nothing more than a bit of quirky trivia, in the back of my mind – at 3 am when dim candle lights cast long shadows, I can’t help but to think, what if . . .

There is no shortage of people who want to see Trump dead. The derangement is wide and the hatred deep; Feminists. BLM. Immigration shills. Hollywood. Keith Olbermann. Megyn Kelly. Rosie O’Donnell. Trigglypuff. Fortunately, none of those people own guns with the possible exception of the BLM thugs. (luckily holding a gun sideways is bad form) The same, however, can not be said of the CIA, the globalists, the Chinese, or the crowd that gathers at DAVOS. They are not crazy. They have a real dog in this fight. The point is, Trump has more enemies than any president in history. The hatred for him is stronger than any president in history. And his enemies are more powerful, and perhaps more desperate, than any president has ever had. Even if there is no Curse of Five, his life, I believe, is in danger. If not from numerology, then from something far more real.

Btw, on the day that Reagan was shot, he had just left the hotel where he was addressing the AFL-CIO. The last words of his speech to the crowd gathered there were, “. . . make America great again.”


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