Not Fade Away: Will CHARLES MANSON’S DEATH finally close The Book on THE SIXTIES?

Accord­ing to the flotsam and jetsam washing around on the World Wide Web, it appears that the Sixties Last Super­star, Charles Manson, is about to have his final fifteen minutes of fame.

Accord­ing to RADAR Online Manson is in criti­cal condi­tion and back at Corco­ran State prison waiting for The Grim Guy to come a knock­in’.

Over the weekend there were reports that Manson had been taken to a hospi­tal in nearby Bakers­field but was to weak and frail to under­go surgery for an “unspec­i­fied” condi­tion.

Earlier today the New York Daily News  report­ed Manson to be in “failing health”.

Manson and his “family” of  follow­ers rocket­ed to stardom in August of 1969 with the grisly murder of Holly­wood starlet Sharon Tate and four others in her Bever­ly Hills home.

Just two weeks later the Sixties hit their apogee with the rain-soaked hippiefest at Woodstock only to see the decade crash and burn three months later at the notori­ous Altamont Free Concert headlined by the Rolling Stones and memori­al­ized in the documen­tary Gimme Shelter.

Manson’s passing is sure to unleash a media feeding frenzy not only about Manson’s career, but also about the times which spawned him.

Like the prover­bial “bad penny”, the Sixties have found a way of contin­u­ing to turn up for fifty years.

Maybe, just maybe, when the decade’s première Monster Under the Bed passes we can final­ly allow The Age of Aquar­ius to slip off into The Great Beyond with him.

But proba­bly not.…




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