MMA Fighters’ Social Media BEAT DOWN of Meryl Streep

meryl streep

Meryl Streep’s pedan­tic jab at football and MMA fans during her now infamous Golden Globes anti-Trump tirade on Sunday did not only confirm her status as a member of the out-of-touch Holly­wood élite, but also annoyed a few people along the way. And now they’re hitting back.

Streep, who received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe for lifetime achieve­ment, used her accep­tance speech to take a swipe at Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, claim­ing that high culture was under threat:

“Holly­wood is crawl­ing with foreign­ers and if you kick them all out all you have to watch is football and Mixed Martial Arts,” she opined.

“And those,” she contin­ued, “are not arts.”

Her words not only seemed to imply that MMA and football were lowbrow forms of enter­tain­ment for paupers, but that these sports were also less inclu­sive of foreign­ers than the Seven­th Art.

Aggriev­ed, sever­al fight­ers and mixed martial arts support­ers took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Streep’s comments. Many point­ed to the double standard in her speech, which called on Ameri­cans to rise above hatred and intol­er­ance yet casual­ly dissed an entire class of sports and their fans.

UFC Host Megan Olivi wrote: “Really weird to see someone talk about not discrim­i­nat­ing then basical­ly discrim­i­nate again­st an entire group of skilled, hard working ppl.”

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