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WINNING: Mexico Wants to Negotiate NAFTA With Trump!

Mexico’s foreign relations secretary says the country wants to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement as soon as possible.

Luis Videgaray said there’s “enormous uncertainty” in the wake of the U.S. election. President-elect Donald Trump has pressured U.S. firms not to move jobs to Mexico, warned he would tax companies who do and wants to renegotiate NAFTA.

Videgaray said in a Radio Formula interview Tuesday that Trump’s actions have caused unease, adding “that is why this (negotiation) process is so important, to dispel this uncertainty.”  He said talks should start “as soon as possible,” the Associated Press reported.

Videgaray said Mexico is willing to negotiate Trump’s plan to build a border wall but Mexico won’t pay for it.

In Trump’s latest statements on the border wall with Mexico, he said the U.S. would initially pay for the wall and then be reimbursed at a later date.

“The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!” Trump tweeted Friday.

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