Markeith Lloyd Made One MAJOR Mistake

markeith lloyd caught

Contin­ued from the earlier story:

As inves­ti­ga­tors asked to keep the suspect­ed cop-killer Markei­th Loyd in custody on Wednes­day, police said he made one one major mistake on the run that final­ly led officers to his where­abouts.

Loyd, 41, turned up in an abandoned home in the Carver Shores area of Orlan­do more than a week after police said he shot and killed an officer — and a month after they suspect­ed him of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. He initial­ly tried escap­ing through the back of the boarded-up house before surren­der­ing in the front yard, Fox 35 report­ed.

Despite getting hundreds of tips, police said none of them led to Loyd. Instead, they tracked his phone, WTSP reported. Police said they initially believed he had turned it off, but eventually discovered that he had used his phone to send a series of texts.

An affidavit, filed with the Orange County Clerk of Courts, showed that officials wanted to make sure he remained in custody, as is custom­ary for a fugitive facing murder charges. Loyd was recov­er­ing in the hospi­tal.

The suspect put up a fight as police arrest­ed him, law enforce­ment officials said. As officers walked a blood­ied Loyd to the police station, he shout­ed at the cameras: “They beat me up!” Police said his injuries weren’t serious.

Loyd tossed two handguns on the ground, one of which could hold 100 bullets, Fox 35 added.

Loyd was accused in the Jan. 9 killing of Lt. Debra Clayton outside a Walmart store and in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, last month. Inves­ti­ga­tors said he killed the officer when she tried to take him into custody.

The arrest was the result of the tireless efforts of hundreds of officers, Orlan­do Police Chief John Mina said. “They’ve basical­ly been living in their vehicles, using the bathroom in their vehicles, to try and do every­thing they could to bring justice for the Dixon family and for the Clayton family.”

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The man who was believed to have helped him is also in custody as well.


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