Mark Zuckerberg Sues HUNDREDS of Hawaiians

mark zuckerberg sues

Mark Zuckerberg is suing to force about 300 Hawaiians — both living and dead — into selling their waterfront properties so that his own beach home can be a little more private.

The Facebook CEO — whose 700-acre Kauai estate, purchased in 2014, includes about a dozen plots still tied to local Hawaiian families — filed eight lawsuits in December to officially acquire those areas, the Honolulu Star Advertiser reported.

The legal move, called “quiet title and partition,” would prompt locals to sell land that has been in their families for generations. They’d forfeit their rights to traverse on Zuckerberg’s estate, and the billionaire would likely compensate them financially in return.

Zuckerberg’s lawsuits, filed by three of his companies, target about 300 hundred people linked to the land. The list of defendants included dead Hawaiians who once owned the properties as well as living family members who inherited them.

The case is tricky because land ownership in the area is often undocumented. Lands are frequently automatically passed down to heirs, without legal documentation.

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