LIVESTREAM: President Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference

Donald Trump’s first press confer­ence since the election.

After the complete farce of a media hit on him yester­day through the complete­ly fake, 4CHAN written fanfic­tion story about Donald Trump and his connec­tion to the Russians… expect to see some fireworks today. The broadcast/liberal media that has been pushing the FAKE NEWS line of attack again­st conser­v­a­tive media sure has been shown to be the biggest purvey­or in that area of news lately.

We now have seen at least three major stories blow up complete­ly in the media’s face.

Yet time after time, they pretend that every­one else has the problem. Projec­tion is a skill that has been perfect­ed by the left/media.

As to Donald Trump, I expect him to act true to form.

Donald Trump will swat away the media like the obnox­ious gnats that they are. Hopeful­ly the show is also enter­tain­ing for his conser­v­a­tive support­ers.

The press confer­ence is supposed to start around 11 AM EST. Forbes has the consen­sus on the topics believed to be the main focus of the Donald Trump press confer­ence:

On the agenda is just about anything and every­thing although there have been no specifics from either the Presi­dent elect of the United States (PEOTUS) or from his staff. The consen­sus is that he will answer questions from the press regard­ing repeal­ing of the Afford­able Care Act, confir­ma­tion hearings for his appointees, trade policy, immigra­tion, his business inter­ests and how he plans to separate them from his Presi­den­cy to avoid obvious conflicts of inter­est and the appoint­ment of Jared Kushn­er, his son-in-law, as Special Advisor to the Presi­dent.

I have a feeling that the Presi­dent will make a lot of state­ments regard­ing this, that and the other but maybe not take any questions from the press tomor­row.

Presi­dent elect Trump has tweet­ed on Decem­ber 12th that he will be discussing business, Cabinet picks and all other topics of inter­est” when he does hold his press confer­ence.

Alter­nate Stream here:

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