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LIVESTREAM: President Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference

Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election.

After the complete farce of a media hit on him yesterday through the completely fake, 4CHAN written fanfiction story about Donald Trump and his connection to the Russians… expect to see some fireworks today. The broadcast/liberal media that has been pushing the FAKE NEWS line of attack against conservative media sure has been shown to be the biggest purveyor in that area of news lately.

We now have seen at least three major stories blow up completely in the media’s face.

Yet time after time, they pretend that everyone else has the problem. Projection is a skill that has been perfected by the left/media.

As to Donald Trump, I expect him to act true to form.

Donald Trump will swat away the media like the obnoxious gnats that they are. Hopefully the show is also entertaining for his conservative supporters.

The press conference is supposed to start around 11 AM EST. Forbes has the consensus on the topics believed to be the main focus of the Donald Trump press conference:

On the agenda is just about anything and everything although there have been no specifics from either the President elect of the United States (PEOTUS) or from his staff. The consensus is that he will answer questions from the press regarding repealing of the Affordable Care Act, confirmation hearings for his appointees, trade policy, immigration, his business interests and how he plans to separate them from his Presidency to avoid obvious conflicts of interest and the appointment of Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, as Special Advisor to the President.

I have a feeling that the President will make a lot of statements regarding this, that and the other but maybe not take any questions from the press tomorrow.

President elect Trump has tweeted on December 12th that he will be discussing business, Cabinet picks and all other topics of interest” when he does hold his press conference.

Alternate Stream here:

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