Late Night Insomniac Thread

Wow. So Alaba­ma lost. Looks like Clemson got the scalp they wanted.

And with only seconds left too:

So many thought it would be differ­ent.

Alabama’s defense was so much better and so much more suited to face Deshaun Watson. Yes, Crimson Tide quarter­back Jalen Hurts was a fresh­man, but he had enough horse­pow­er around him to outrun Clemson.

For most of the game, all of that was coming to fruition.

Until the fourth quarter.

That, folks, is when champi­onships are won and lost. On Monday night, that’s when Clemson upend­ed mighty Alaba­ma with a 2-yard pass to the Tide slayer himself, Hunter Renfrow, in the Tigers’ 35–31 win over Alaba­ma in the College Football Playoff Nation­al Champi­onship present­ed by AT&T.

Given how badly Clemson wanted this and how much Alaba­ma just had to win it because of how histor­i­cal­ly good it looked before Monday, it had to end this way. A wild fourth quarter was the only way to do it.

You had Clemson outscor­ing mighty Alaba­ma — the fourth-quarter king — 21–7 in the final frame, thanks to back-to-back drives of 88 and 68 yards. Renfrow, who gutted Alabama’s defense last year, was the hero with his 10 catch­es for 92 yards and two scores, but Deshaun Watson, who cement­ed his Clemson legacy, was the engineer.

Rocked time after time, he stood back up and deliv­ered when it mattered most. Watson’s fourth quarter was one for the ages, as he needed only six plays for what we all thought was his game-winning drive to put the Tigers up 28–24 with 4 minutes, 38 seconds left.

Of course, the Tide, who had failed to convert 11 straight third downs going into the ensuing drive, charged down the field for a 68-yard touch­down drive that could have won the game. It could have won the game because when the Tide needed a pass, wide receiver ArDar­ius Stewart hit tight end O.J. Howard for a 24-yard strike. And when Alaba­ma needed anoth­er throw, Hurts broke through the pocket and slipped by Clemson defend­ers for a beauti­ful 30-yard touch­down run.

But when the game needed to be won, it was Watson who promot­ed the orange-and-purple confet­ti celebra­tion that left a couple of Clemson players somer­sault­ing and back flipping their way onto the field.

This one took nine excru­ci­at­ing and heart-pounding plays, such as that 24-yard dart to Mike Williams early and the 17-yard beaut to tight end Jordan Leggett that put the ball at the Alaba­ma 9-yard line with the time rushing off the clock.

Have fun and all that doing what you people do late at night.

We all know you are all up to no good anyways. 😉

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