Elites to Ponder Populist Uprising at Davos

George Soros, the most evil man on Earth


Influ­en­tial business leaders and lawmak­ers once again descend on the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos next week again­st a backdrop of rising populism, and early indica­tions suggest they will at least acknowl­edge the dramat­ic polit­i­cal shifts of the last twelve months.

Election wins for Donald Trump and Philip­pine Presi­dent Rodrigo Duterte, as well as the U.K.‘s vote to leave the EU, were widely seen as a rejec­tion of current socio-economic models. Populism became a key story of 2016 and will be front and center in Davos ahead of elections this year in France, Germany, the Nether­lands and most likely Italy.

In a nod to this current mood, this year’s World Econom­ic Forum (WEF) is titled “Respon­sive and Respon­si­ble Leader­ship” and its official agenda describes a “weaken­ing of multi­ple systems” that has eroded confi­dence and speaks of a possi­ble “downward spiral” fuelled by protec­tion­ism, populism and nativism.

Donald Trump’s inaugu­ra­tion as U.S. presi­dent on January 20 will overshad­ow the event but it’s hard to see how every confer­ence, bilat­er­al meeting or round­table in Davos won’t include some refer­ence to this polit­i­cal upheaval, which the conser­v­a­tive news aggre­ga­tion site The Drudge Report calls the “new, new world order”.

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