The Chicago Facebook TORTURE provides a TERRIFYING window into a DEPRAVED CULTURE

Yo, Sparti­cles!

A depress­ing­ly accurate take on the Chicago Facebook Torture story to bookend this mornings post on same.

Heather Mac Donald has a devas­tat­ing post at City Journal entitled “A Window Into a Depraved Culture”:

Anti-police activists and the mainstream media are incensed at the sugges­tion that the Black Lives Matter movement could have influ­enced the behav­ior of the four individ­u­als in Chicago who tortured a disabled white man for hours last week while yelling “Fuck white people” and “Fuck Donald Trump.” In one sense, the activists and media are right: The influ­ences were broad­er than that. They include the reign of racial victi­mol­o­gy, inner-city gang culture, and black anti-white animus.

We live in Ta-Nehesi Coates’s Ameri­ca, charac­ter­ized by the assump­tion that blacks are the eternal targets of lethal white oppres­sion. Coates’s central thesis in Between the World and Me, his acclaimed phantas­mago­ria of racial victi­mol­o­gy, is that Ameri­ca contin­u­ous­ly aspires to the “shack­ling” and “destruc­tion” of “black bodies.”

Chicago’s four tortur­ers certain­ly have not read Between the World and Me. But the book’s world­view echoes through­out our society, includ­ing in the inner city. Michelle Alexander’s equal­ly publi­cized book, The New Jim Crow, argues that the U.S. seeks to reimpose de facto segre­ga­tion on blacks via the crimi­nal justice system. Alexan­der has been a staple on black media, among many other outlets. Presi­dent Obama has insist­ed, even up to his last days in office, that blacks are the victims of a racist criminal-justice system. The press routine­ly dissem­i­nates phony statis­tics that purport to demon­strate a police war on blacks. These ideas matter.

Mac Donald contin­ues her scathing critique:

Even if there weren’t already a strain of racial hostil­i­ty in inner-city culture, the constant estab­lish­ment refrain that whites oppress blacks at every oppor­tu­ni­ty would create it. Every highly publi­cized cop assas­si­na­tion in the last two years has triggered gloat­ing on social media. Ja’Mal Green told the New York Times that the assas­si­na­tion of five Dallas police officers was “not a setback at all” for Black Lives Matter. The Dallas gunman had said he wanted to kill white people and white cops. Though Green insist­ed that he was not encour­ag­ing violence, he said that the assas­si­na­tion showed “the people of this country that black people are getting to a boiling point. We are tired of watch­ing police kill our broth­ers and sisters. We are tired of being tired.” At some point, there “comes a time when black people will snap,” he said. While one is grate­ful for Green’s avowal not to be encour­ag­ing violence, such senti­ments come close to ratio­nal­iz­ing it.

The estab­lish­ment typical­ly looks the other way at manifes­ta­tions of black anti-white animus. Racism in rap music is usual­ly ignored. The Associ­at­ed Press exclud­ed any refer­ence to the race of the victim and assailants in its initial report on the Chicago torture episode, as John Hinder­ak­er observed at Power­line, and merely noted that police were inves­ti­gat­ing a “beating” captured on social media. The AP’s follow-up report acknowl­edged that someone in the video appeared to use profan­i­ties about “white people” and that the victim “appeared to be white,” while “others shown in the video appeared to be black.”

Pour a couple of fingers of Mr. Walker’s Marvelous Elixir, kick back and take in the whole piece.

When you’re done you may agree with Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel’s dead-on sarcas­tic assess­ment that “The best part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.”

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