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It’s still 10 days before the 45th Presi­dent takes the oath of office, but the Main Stream Media is sharing their concerns over Donald Trump’s daily doses of Twitter post.  And they think they’ve found a “credi­ble” whiner to voice their concerns.

In an inter­view with NBC’s Matt Lauer, former CIA direc­tor Leon Panet­ta thinks Trump’s question­ing the credi­bil­i­ty of the folks at intel, (by taking his message direct­ly to the people), is unprece­dent­ed and unheard of:

“The fact that the president-elect is tweet­ing on this issue and taking it to the public, and in many ways under­min­ing the credi­bil­i­ty of the very intel­li­gence agencies that have to provide infor­ma­tion to him in order for him to be presi­dent of the United States, this is just unheard of and unprece­dent­ed,” he told Matt. “I think we all have to be concerned about this. This is not the kind of bicker­ing that ought to be going on in public.”

In NBC’s online report of this “concern” they post Mr. Trump’s tweet that came out prior to his meeting with top intel officials as an example of their concern:

“The “Intel­li­gence” brief­ing on so-called “Russian hacking” was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”

Of course, NBC fails to mention, [in their story], they’d received—from a direct leak from this department—information from a report even Donald Trump did not know.

Person­al­ly, I’d like to ask Mr. Panet­ta: Who’s doing the undermining—NBC? The Intel­li­gence Agencies? Or Mr. Trump?  Oh wait!  Maybe the Washing­ton Post is involved.

We, (the Ameri­can Public), all know perfect­ly what’s galling Panet­ta, Lauer, and the pathet­ic anti-Trump media.

With over 40 million direct follow­ers with his Twitter, FaceBook, and Insta­gram accounts, President-Elect Donald Trump doesn’t have to hold a press confer­ence to get ahead of the media’s phony concerns or the mount­ing conspir­a­cy theories designed to under­mine his Presi­den­cy.  Nope.  What galls the Media is, Trump has a platform/bully pulpit that takes his message direct­ly to the people—way ahead of the bullshit the media provides every day to sabotage and subvert his Presi­den­cy.

Welcome to the 21st Centu­ry and the Twitter Age Media.  It’s not going away any time soon.

P.S. If you’re not follow­ing our President-Elect Trump, you should be:


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