Book of Trump , Chapter Nine: A Psalm of the Gloater

Chapter 9

1. In the darkest days of the Nation, there arose one crying in the Wilderness to the People of the Land of America.

2. For there were fornicators, imbibers, liars, and pedophiles running the gov’t of America, and America waxed old, and withereth on the vine to give up the ghost.

3. Behold! There was hatred that spreadeth across the land, and poverty of mind, of thoughts, and of soul embedded in its people. There were mockers, scorners, and soothsayers that worketh against the people, and vapors of wars .

4. And Trump telleth the people: I have heard thy cries and it breaketh my heart. I shall Make America Great Again and winneth over and over, that thou wouldst get tired of winning. I will break the yoke from thy back placed there by those who hateth thee and causeth thee to carry the burden.

5. For thou hast trusted me to right the wrongs that thou hast been subjected too. A people with no voice shall now have one. I shall fight for thee and move this nation to prosperity, and I asketh that thou wouldest stand and fight with me. I loveth this nation dearly, and I loveth thee all and will no longer stand aside.

6. And the people rejoiced, and fought against the Rino and its henchmen, and the battle was great. And victory  was grasped on to, and held dearly as the price was high.

7. And the people of Trump fought again against the Dragon and its hordes of evil spirits in a battle that hath never been seen before, and they persevered yet again. The hand of providence played favorably to the Patriots, who fighteth with memes and the tongue of sarcasm and cold anger.

8. And Trump and mighty army of Trumpers fought again against the lies and distortions of Lucifer and his demons from both parties, for they were beholden to the global elites and moneychangers.

9. But Trump defeateth them and foileth their plots of destruction, causing much anguish within the sellers of filth.  And Lo!, the day of our deliverance was nigh, and there was much mirth and joy about the land.

10. The Riders of Steel fulfilleth their oath and shall form battle lines between the People of Trump and the workers of Iniquity, and great will be the din that ariseth.

11. And the day before there was much dancing and joy among  the People of Trump.  For they were preparing for the Great Day, and gathereth supplies of meat, wine, snausages, and other sundry fine foods to mark the occasion of the restoration of their freedom.

12. And the Eve of Deliverance came forth, and the stars shone brightly, and there were great wonders in the heavens. The Earth resteth and ceaseth its groaning, for the Trump arriveth on the morrow, and beginneth the Restoration and the end of an error.

13. After years of wandering in darkness, the people now heareth the Lion roar, for he prepareth to tear asunder the dictates of the Usurper.

14. The tears, frustrations, anger, and angst of the People fadeth away, for the Day of Days cometh on the morrow.




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