Book of Trump, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 

1. And it came to pass that the winning continueth in the Land and spread.

2. Behold!  Trump sayeth to some, “ Build here, and thou shalt prosper, but build there, and thou shalt wax old and fade away.  For I have spoken  it. I have spoken for all to hear. Let him who has ears, let him hear.  For thou shalt pay a steep tax if thou buildest abroad in other nations.

3. These nations that taketh  food from the mouth of this people are an enemy unto this people.  But verily, verily  I say unto you,  that those who allowed this thieving to take place, it would be better if they had not been conceived,  for they will wither away after receiving the piercing of my gaze . Yea, it penetrates to their soul, and they are ashamed of their nakedness and seeketh a place of safety from me.

4. And I bringeth Black and Decker to build here. And Alibaba bringeth jobs.

5. Mexico withereth. Yea, after receiving my word and mocking it, their people now rise and cast fire into the cities, for they have lost much pesos from companies I convinced to build in the land of Pontiac.  For they mocked me and my wall. Yea, they mocked my promises to my people. Yea verily, they will have their reward.

6. They mocked mine utterance concerning the payment of The Wall, for one sayeth “no fucken way.”  Therefore, they shall be fornicated by their own words.  I extended a hand of friendship, and received the bite of a viper. But yea, I am protected. Their serpents cannot harm me.

7. And the troubadours in the land of filth mocketh me and cry out to the rinos of Washington; I laugh them to scorn as their attempts are feeble. For I win when they lash out as an undisciplined child. It maketh me merry.  They think their star power is bright, but they are nothing but a world without light.

 8. I won during the Election. I won after the election. I won after a foolish recount. I won with the electors. And I won with the Congress . Not only I, but the people who supporteth me. They are the source of my power.  The Vet who cried out for help: the Coal People who cried out for work:  The Mexican who cried out against their illegal brethren:  The Black who cried out from the inner city: The Steel worker who cried out to build: The Gay who cried out to be protected:  The victims of crimes who crieth out for justice: The officers shot down in the street, for their blood crieth for vengeance and their wives and childrens’ tears move me to remembrance . 

9. I tire not of winning. The tears of the liberal are like Mothers’ Milk. Their whines are like harps to my ears. For they know they are losing, and only make weak gestures and words.

And their leader acts clownish and will be no trouble to me.

10. So fear not, my Deplorables.  I have defeated all. I have withstood their blows and layeth claim to the prize soon. I have been through it all. I soon will sit at the Resolute Desk, and restore Order to this land. For thus, I have spoken, and no man changeth my words.

 11. And after this, Trump issued a proclamation throughout the land, that he wouldst speak peace unto his people in due time, after the ramblings of an effeminate man.

 12. But there was a darkness that spreadeth across the land, for Principalities were working their darkness against Trump and the Light he bringeth.

13. And the Clown revealed that his Praetorians would extract vengeance on Trump. And the Father of Senate Lies claimed that the Praetorians should give false witness against Trump.

14. And the King of Kenya revealed that he releaseth murderers from Gitmo to once again cry for blood.

15. For Lo, these Power of Darkness  sprung forth and began to trouble the souls of the people because Trump was bringing more prosperity to the Nation. The Praetorians,  those who were entrusted to defend this Nation, spreadeth  falsehoods to the people about Trump, calling him an ally of Gog, an agent of Gog,  which hacketh the voice of the people.

16. And it came to pass that these Praetorians began to whisper that they knoweth that Gog did act in Trump’s favor, but they produceth nothing to show the people. And the Potentates of the Press gleefully spread the deceiving message, as the Serpent deceived Eve. For they were wise in the ways of men, and sought the praises of men, to deceive many to fight against Trump.

17. But I will show thee that they could not prosper against Trump, because they were liars. For behold, they continued to hide evidence, and refuseth to meet with their overseers. For there were sources, and unknown tales that could or could not be true. But these Praetorians assured the people that they were right.

18. And it came to pass that it was revealed the DNC did not allow the FBI to examine its records.

19. And the time came when they presented their case, and it lacked substance. For the words were vague and in the language of lawyers, attempting to cover their lack of proof to the people. And their lies began to unravel because it was vaporous, and lacketh clarity.

20.  And then there was another commotion thrust into the nation to distract the people.  The purveyor of lies claimeth that Gog could have information that could blackmail Trump, and delighted that this source said there was a flowing of harlot liquid gold upon the bedding of another.

21. But the people supporteth not this finding, and it stirred rage into the hearts of the potentates who cried out again that it was true.  For the people found through the prophet Kek that the Rider of the Bear was innocent, that this information was a hoax played upon the potentates and Praetorians, and they were sore afraid of their nakedness.

22. And the day of the Proclamation came, and there were 300 or so of the perfumed Potentates present to produce their perfidy proudly  to the world, but Messengers of Trump began to unfold their wisdom and refuted the information of the potentates, and ridiculed them , bringing further shame unto them.   

23.  And then the Right Hand of Trump spake words that shook the potentates, calling out their perfidy, and expresseth gratitude for those who stayeth above the fray.

24. And then Trump spoke: they that putteth that crap together , mocking the Pharisees.  For he speaketh about the contents of emails of the Bitch and how much truth the Praetorians and Potentates ignored.  When they objected to the words of Trump, he mocked them  and questioned them and their lies and exposeth the bribery of the Arab, for they offered much money to trip him up.  And there were many other words Trump spoke. For he mocked them on Obamacare,   correcting them on the Wall, that they lieth to deceive the intent of his words.  And Trump s fierce anger was kindled against the potentates.

25. And Trump spoke mighty words,  which causeth the Earth to tremble. His words were like whirlwinds and lightnings, tearing asunder those in its path. For he taketh no quarter on the potentates who were before him, trying to trip him up.

26. And Trump smote down a potentate, causing much wailing from him, and his fall was great. For he had scorn heaped upon him by Trump whose words ringeth out for Time and all Eternity: Thou art Fake News!  And he cried bitter tears  at the smiting for he could not withstand it, and soileth his clothes.

27. Then Trump unleashed the Destroying Angel upon the house of CNN, and it crasheth down in the market at the word of Trump, for its foundation was built upon the sand of lies.

28. And the potentates gnashed their teeth and wailed at the smiting they endured,  for they believed that it was unbecoming,  for Trumps words penetrated their black hearts  to the core. He goreth their oxen, and it grieveth their souls.

29. But Trump’s work was not finished.  He then telleth another : Thou art a failing pile of garbage! And the potentates were further aggrieved, crying for space and puppies to assuage their feelings. The power of the words of Trump spread across the land, leading to more mockery of the fallen.

30. How glorious was this to the people, who clappeth their hands and shouted  Hallelujah! And  great was their joy at the fall of the House of Babylon. Trump had brought forth destruction to his enemies who had laid in wait to ambush him.

31. And it came to pass that the people saw that Trump whoopeth ass this day, and it was Gloatable.



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