Aliens ELECTED Donald Trump!

donald trump aliens 2

Forget aliens protecting Donald Trump.  UFO researcher and host of The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens Giorgio Tsoukalos flat out states it wasn’t the mass of forgotten deplorables that elected Donald J. Trump.  Did the Russians actually hack the election, turning the tide against Hillary Clinton in favor of The Donald?  Please…put such ridiculous notions out of that pretty little empty head of yours.

The Russians didn’t hack the election.  The American people didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  Who then is responsible for putting such a deplorable man into the White House?


What evidence does Tsoukalos have?  Who knows.  We’ll just have to wait until his big reveal in a few days.  Personally I’m waiting with bated breath.

H/T to Intuitive Observations for this vid.


Written by Radius

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