Yahoo! Hacked Again, ONE BILLION Users Affected!

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Yahoo on Wednesday said it had discovered a new data breach of more than a billion accounts, dwarfing the hack it revealed three months ago and threatening the company’s $4.8 billion sale to Verizon.

And security experts are warning of potential far-reaching damage to Yahoo users from the just-announced breach.

The fresh disclosure gives Yahoo the unfortunate distinction of being the victim of the two largest hacks in history. Verizon expressed reservations about the impending sale — scheduled to close early next year — after the first hack came to light.

“This could be the knockdown, one-two punch for that deal,” said Peter Csathy, a tech industry consultant and chairman of CREATV Media.

Yahoo on Wednesday issued a statement saying personal information from more than a billion user accounts was stolen in 2013. The news followed the company’s announcement in September that hackers had stolen personal data from at least half a billion accounts in 2014. Yahoo said it believes the two thefts were separate.

Yahoo said it had “not been able to identify the intrusion” that enabled the 2013 theft but did not say when it learned of the theft. Yahoo blamed an unspecified state-sponsored actor for the 2014 hack.

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