Wut? The election’s BIGGEST LOSER was ANTONIO GRAMSCI – the Godfather of Political Correctness

Yo, Spartacles!

It seems that the single most important nugget of treasure found in The Basket of Deplorability this election season was a deep-seeded resentment to The Whole 9 Yards of Political Correctness being shilled by Team Clinton.

Like a gigantic pebble in the shoe of the electorate, the constant, decades long irritation of a culture joined at the hip to political correctness became the most effective voter recruiting tool The Trumpster possessed.  And because of this revulsion  “gaffes” that would have done in a mere mortal candidate only served to fire up the back-burners of the Depolorables’ terrible resolve, a resolve that shattered the Donk’s Blue Wall Strategy into a million cerulean shards on election night.

Oh, the sweetness of victory.

Even more so because Trump’s win serves as a stunning rebuke to the decades of Political Correctness’ “Long March” through the institutions and it’s supposed culmination with the inevitable victory of Antonio Gramsci’s “Cultural Marxism”.

From ZOMBLOG’s  absolutely devastatingly accurate take on Gramsci’s fail:

The point behind Gramscianism and “stealth communism” (as I call it) is that the revolution in the United States should not and can not be a violent revolution, but instead a quiet revolution in which the populace imposes communism on itself willingly — what Bernie Sanders correctly dubs “democratic socialism” — that is to say, by electing socialist leaders democratically.

Which brings us to the main point: The entire purpose of 60 years of slanted media and slanted news and slanted education and social pressure and brainwashing and deception and indoctrination — all of it, everything we complain about every day, all day, for years and years and years — the purpose of all this is to get people to vote for the most left-wing candidate in each presidential election. The goal is to bring about a self-imposed silent revolution in America, a democratically elected socialist government voted in by low-information rubes unaware of what they’re doing.

Except nobody foresaw Trump:

…then November 8, 2016 happened, and BOOM: It was all revealed to be a lie. Not only did the indoctrination fail, but the general impression that the relentless indoctrination had always been successful was itself a gigantic meta-deception.

All the chatter and statistics and talk show “experts” proclaiming that America had forever swung Democratic? ALL LIES.

All the slanted polls, which were intended to convince everyone that Hillary was inevitable? ALL LIES.

The derision of Trump as a ludicrous fringe candidate and his supporters as wild-eyed extremists? ALL LIES.

And it’s not just that they were all lies — they were lies that had no effect. Somehow, without anyone noticing, a majority of the American populace had evolved a new immunity to progressive disinformation.


It doesn’t even matter what Trump’s actual political beliefs are or what his policies will be. All that matters is that he was the media’s Designated Enemy and yet he won.

Thanks to Trump’s history-shattering victory, we now know that the Gramscian model and the Frankfurt School model don’t work.

There musta been a Lasik special for sight-impaired truffle-seeking porcines yesterday, because REASON comes to the same conclusion:

Trump, more than any other successful political figure in history, self-identified as an icon of resistance to political correctness. “We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore,” wasn’t just Trump’s response to the mass-shooting in Orlando—it was the refrain of his entire campaign. His constant rejection of political correctness distinguished him from Republican rivals of the past and present. When asked about a problem to which he did not know the answer—a frequent occurrence, to be sure—the answer was always the same: The media is lying, everyone in government is stupid and incompetent, and if we just stopped being so politically correct and admitted the truth about globalism, about immigration, about Islamic radicalism, we would be safer and more prosperous. Trump complained that he was named TIME‘s “Person of the Year” instead of “Man of the Year.” He has promised to save “Merry Christmas.”

Trump narrowly won the presidency in part because he did better among less-well-educated working class whites in three key Obama states, and these sorts of voters say they are furious about political correctness when you ask them, and Trump exploited concerns about political correctness more than any other candidate in history, and people who voted for Trump consistently list his anti-PC attitude as one of the most admirable things about him.

For these reasons, I stand by my assertion that the election of Trump is, in part, a backlash against political correctness. The most anti-PC guy won, and he won by inveighing against political correctness constantly, and Trump voters like him because he did that.

Boomshakalackaboom squared!


I’m sensing an urgent need to go listen to some James Brown!

Feelin’ alright!

Uh huh, uh huh…



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