Weekly Gaming/Technology Thread #13 – Running With Coins

Super Mario Run

Only a week until Christmas Eve and essentially Christmas. For those in the retail business, it is sure to be a hectic seven days. Hopefully it is good enough to keep plenty of small businesses running though.

What are we playing this week?

Speaking of small business, I wheeled my Star Wars Battle Pod down to the movie theater in the mall where I operate my business and played a couple of rounds on that. Also played some Grim Dawn but my friends who have been playing that are done with it so we’ll probably be moving onto something new. How about you?

パックマン人力車 浅草ナイトクルーズ アソビモットproject Vol.3| PAC-MAN’s rickshaw night cruising

【プロジェクトサイトはこちら】 【チャンネル登録はこちら】 …

Gaming Headlines

So that’s where the maker of ‘Game of War’ got the money from to pay Kate Upton for their ads

A heartwarming Christmas season story that Involves Best Buy and a WiiU

South Korea Gets Super Serious About Online Cheaters, Passes Law To Levy Fines Or Jail Time

Ys.Net Taking Pre-Orders for Shenmue III PC

Nintendo Switch Big City Tour Dates Set

Get The Sunset Riders Soundtrack on Vinyl in 2017

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Getting It’s Final Update This Week

Get Lost Odyssey on Xbox One For Free

PC Master Race Holiday Gift Guide

Nintendo’s Official Holiday Gift Guide

An unofficial Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide

An unofficial PlayStation 4 Holiday Gift Guide


Super Mario Run Now Available On Apple DevicesNo love for Android users yet but the newest Super Mario game has already made a big splash worldwide on iTunes. A friend of mine, who mocks any and all who enjoy mobile games, found it to be fun so we get to have some fun at his expense for once. I really do give Nintendo props for approaching mobile the way they have (focusing on original content that works with the small touchscreen format) – I know there are plenty of “investors” who think that they should be like everyone else and slap their IP onto everything mobile with an emulator but fortunately for True Gamerstm, Nintendo still has sense about what makes games fun.

Meet Super Mario Run

A new Mario game you can play with one hand! Official website: App Store:

This is worth a good laugh though:

Dr Robotnik’s Meme Bean Machine on Twitter


The Game Market Isn’t Doing So Hot Per The November NDP Report – Granted, the trend lines for sales on both hardware and software has been downwards for a while now. Sure, companies like Sony and Microsoft like to make it sound like it’s better than ever but they all know that it isn’t.  There are many factors that are involved with this (lousy economy for the past 8 or 9 years; lots of options spreading those available entertainment dollars thin; lots of shovelware; etc) so it will be interesting to see how a Trump Economy will affect that.

The numbers: Hardware sales were down 35% from 2015; Retail game sales down 24% from 2015; Console/Handheld sales down 18% and PC Master Race stumbling with 28% down.

In my own business which is an arcade, we’ve also seen a downturn during Sep/Oct/Nov although that is more down to local factors (highway reconstruction, a Macy’s in the mall here closing, few movies worth seeing to bring people out) than any nationwide trends.

That said, Pokemon: Sun & Moon combined slayed the Call of Duty sales beast, enjoying the strongest launch in franchise history. That was certainly driven by Pokemon Go earlier this year. Time for a Pokemon movie to fill up theater seats 😛

Astroneer Available As Early Access On PC/X1 – If you wanted a space exploration game but was disappointed in No Man’s Sky, perhaps this fits the bill. Although it is more like Minecraft in certain aspects as you’ll see in this trailer below. The game offers 4 player co-op as you explore, mine and build a planetary base:

Astroneer – Early Access Launch Trailer

Astroneer is available on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview. Astroneer is a co-operative space exploration game where you can deform and shape the terrain as though it were made of Play-Doh. Players will be able to deform planets to their core, build bases, and snap components / objects together to create custom vehicles and modules.

Surf World Series To Resurrect The Surfing Game in 2017 (PC, PS4, X1) – This is probably one genre you haven’t heard about in a while – the surfing game. Developed by Climax, they are promising to revive the “arcade-style experience” in regards to surfing with this new game. If you are curious, the last time a surfing game landed in proper arcades was in 2002 with Sega’s Soul Surfer so it’s been a dead genre on that side of gaming for a while too. I do have my doubts that Surf World Series will include it’s own arcade style surfboard controller though 😛

Surf World Series Announcement Trailer – Vision Games

Official launch trailer for Surf World Series from Climax Studios. Grab your board and rack up the high score at 5 of the world’s most iconic surfing destinations. Grab your board and take to the waves in Surf World Series.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Announced – Not sure what consoles yet (Switch please…unless they do another Hyrule Warriors, then I’ll spend my money on that) but it will be an “open world” game and have dozens of characters you’ll never use, like always. 😛

Dynasty Warriors 9 Announcement Teaser (probably PS4, open world)

Full Article: Recorded from Koei Tecmo Livestream:

Rock ‘Em Sock’Em Robots Arcade Edition Being Setup At Dave & Busters – I was told about this when I made my trip to IAAPA 2016 last month but didn’t get a chance to stop by the Orlando D&B to check it out. While I am not sure how soon it will be before every D&B in the country will have this game, I believe it will be soon as this game was developed by Dave & Busters so they could have something unique and exclusive to their locations. All it is is a giant version of the toy that kids had back in the 80s.

The Arcade Hunters on Twitter

Setting the stage.

Phoenix – The Original Xbox SRPG Killed Off By Halo 2 – Every console has a number of unreleased prototype games. Some of those grab more attention than others. One unfinished title that was in development for the original Xbox by Bungie was an SRPG called Phoenix. As success came to Bungie with Halo, that project was shelved and the Halo series given all of the love. More info on this lost project is covered in this short video:

Phoenix: The Lost XBOX SRPG Cancelled by Bungie | Unseen64 (ft. SoberDwarf)

Before Halo and Destiny, in late 90′ Jason Jones, Bungie’s co-founder along with Alex Seropian, had the idea of creating a fantasy tactical role playing game where you fight against huge armies of characters. It was a project nicknamed “The Giant Bloody War Game”, inspired by movies such as Braveheart and fantasy novels such as The Black Company.

Slideshow: The Complete History Of Star Wars PC Games: For as much as The Phantom Menace was a sucky disappointment, it did give us quite a few video games. I remember when Republic Commando was so hot, then it was released and quickly forgotten (due to it being rather short as I recall). Click here to walk down memory lane.

Game Music Of The Week: Surface Of SR388 Extended (Metroid II: The Return of Samus, Game Boy): The Game Boy was the first Nintendo system we had in our home and while I longed for the color goodness of the Atari Lynx, I was able to find solace in the many awesome games that the GB had. Metroid II was one of those titles, it being quite the memorable birthday present. I tore my hair out a little in trying to locate the Varia, enough that I ended up writing to the “Pros” at GamePro Magazine for help (this was before the internet was available on everything with a screen mind you). Of course I found it about a week after sending the letter in…which they published about six months later. Ah the good times where you had to learn patience out of necessity (Zuntata music coming next week, promise):

Metroid II: Return of Samus – Surface of SR388 extended

METROID II: Return of Samus One of the best themes from Metroid 2. Here’s the extended version.

Homebrew of the Week: Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter (SNES) – Most homebrews don’t make the mainstream gaming headlines but when you have a fighter for the Super Nintendo, heads turn. In development by “ex-SNK” staff who had worked on popular fighting games like The King of Fighters ’98, this new fighting game will be released on a 32MB SNES cartridge this coming February. More information if you are interested can be found at the NeoGAF forums.


new 2016 fghitng game on super famicom nes nintendo

Technology Headlines

I’m Starting To Think That Hillary’s Private Bathroom Server Was More Secure Than Yahoo!

RIP BlackBerry Phones – I think the Priv is great especially the keyboard; the camera on it is awesome too. Oh well.

Like Facebook Was Ever Going To Give Up Their Attempts To Censor You (paging Truest Conservative Evar Glenn Beck)

Bluetooth 5 Announced – Stronger, Faster, Better

Vine Won’t Be Completely Dead Afterall, Just Neutered

Gloves That Work On Phone Touchscreens

Several New Animal Species Discovered Around HydroThermal Vents In the Indian Ocean – Here’s a separate link to a less sciencebabble version 😛


Trump Meeting With Tech Giants – This has been covered but since this is the technology thread as well, it deserves a spot:

Trump Introductory Remarks With Tech Executives

President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers met with 13 prominent technology executives at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday. A pool camera captured introductory remarks from Mr. Trump and the executives.

AMD Pulls Back the Veil on Zen, Now Called Ryzen; AMD Vega Radeon Also Unveiled – We discussed the new AMD CPU architecture Zen a while back and AMD has finally unveiled what their new processor is about. If you can stomach these weird corporate rah-rahs, then this video has more details. Jump to 15 min in for the initial stuff; jump to 20:35 for the CEO to start talking about Zen/Ryzen; jump to 25:10 for the “Ryzen” trailer; 26:50 for her to begin talking tech specs (3.4 GHz base clock or higher; 8-core/16-thread/20MB cache; AM4 motherboard). The new SenseMI features are fascinating as the processor will “learn” which instructions are used most frequently to load those first. It also has “hundreds” of sensors to monitor power usages within the chip to ensure it has efficient performance. Jump to 31 min. in the video below to see the Ryzen vs. Intel 6900K.

For the gaming side of things, jump to 36 min in to see gaming performance PCs can expect with a Ryzen CPU but 51 min in to see a preview of their new Vega graphics architecture.

AMD Presents New Horizon

New Horizon begins now. Join our journey into the future with a special preview of our newest CPU, live from Austin, Texas. *** Subscribe:…

New Stimulator Tech Restores Partial Movement In Quadriplegic Patients – Tech like this will be huge when perfected. More details here.

Stimulator Bypasses Spine Injury, Helps Patients Move Hands | UCLA Health Newsroom

An experimental procedure involving an implanted spinal stimulator is showing early promise in helping paralyzed patients regain strength and partial use of their hands.

ShiftWare Sneakers – Shows With A Built-In Display: These were first presented about a year ago but the company did post a “hardware update” video about a month ago. I remember first seeing digital fabric/display-integrated clothing about a decade ago but a lot of that didn’t go anywhere. Perhaps 2017 will be the time:

ShiftWear Presentation Video

ShiftWear sneakers gives users creative control over the designs they can instantly display on their sneakers, using their smartphones. For more information about the product and pre-orders please visit: or the indiegogo page : Sign up and help spread the word. With your help we can get one step closer to making these a reality.

Apple’s AirPod’s Available; Google Creates Waymo for their Self-Driving service: Perhaps you’ll have to help me out but I can’t get excited about self-driving cars

AirPods now available, Google rolls out Waymo (Tech Today)

Tech Today ► In today’s top tech news, Apple releases its AirPod wireless earbuds, Google spins off its self-driving car division and driverless Uber cars are headed straight for San Francisco.

Sending a Pie Into Space…because we can

Massimo on Twitter

A pie has been sent into the stratosphere

Space Pr0n Of the Week: Southern Jupiter From Juno – No I won’t let the Pie In Space be our Space Pr0n this week, as neat as that might be. Instead, here’s another unusual view of Jupiter that we are not used to seeing, courtesy of NASA’s Juno probe:

Astronomy Picture Of The Day on Twitter

Southern Jupiter from Perijove 3: by @NASAJPL @swri

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