Trump is Illegitimate! CNN Contributor Blasts The President Elect

This is the Left's Mind Right Now

Angela Rye, during a heated debate with Kayleigh McEnany, blasted Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. She essentially declared that Trump was illegitimate and that the election was stolen by the Russians through their hacking.

As the conversation revolved around President Barack Obama’s statements about Russian hacking at his news conference today, Rye noted that even though others have stated they aren’t trying to delegitimize Trump’s victory, she feels that his election is “far from legitimate at this point.” She cited him losing the popular vote by millions and the assessments of the intelligence community.

Later on in the discussion, Mcenany took umbrage with her comments. After stating that Trump will eventually respond to the hacking and say it is inexcusable, McEnany forcefully said “this is a legitimate election and no one should question the fact that Donald Trump is the president-elect because he’s there fairly.”

“I will do whatever I want to do,” Rye responded. “And what I’m saying is that I do not believe this is legitimate for a lot of reasons.”

Rather than own up to the notoriously bad candidate they ran, it is now the meme du jour to screech about the Russians. Rather than own up to the fact that their ideas that their party has espoused for decades, the left has decided to push this “MUH RUSSIANS!! WE WAS HAXORED!” instead.

Never mind that it doesn’t have any merit at all. There has been literally no evidence brought forth that any hacking has gone on.

President Golfclub (PBUH) himself stated yesterday during his Fidel Castro-esque press conference that he believe that the election wasn’t “hacked” but that there were “leakers” doing damage.  Apparently even one of the reporters clearly got sick of all the willful ignorance and stupidity on display and passed out during the event.


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Now… last time I checked, hacking ≠ leaking.

There is far more circumstantial evidence that the DNC/Hillary Clinton had Wikileaks DNC source Seth Rich murdered than there is of this fictitious obsession about the Russians hacking our elections.

In fact, far more evidence came forth as a consequence of the Jill Stein recount madness in places like Detroit that the Democrats themselves were doing the hacking and the fraud. Of course the recounts had to be stopped after that came to light.

The left suddenly did not want to talk about any of that.


Now as to the CIA… they have refused to come before Congress.

Let that sink in. We have a federal agency DENYING federal oversight requests.

We now have the FBI also saying they agree with the CIA. The same federal agency who thinks that classified emails on an essentially public, browseable server is just fine as long as you are a murderous, spirit cooking, pedophile and rape supporter, conspiracy theorist throwing little old lady named Hillary Clinton.

Two agencies, who are responsible for our security, admitting that they can’t do their jobs.

Can President Trump please shutter the FBI and CIA and give their authority to one of the other dozen spy/security agencies we have?

Yet we had Jeh Johnson of all people, who President Golfclub echoed yesterday (after he read about it in the newspaper), telling everyone unequivocally that there was no evidence of Russian hacking.

The left is peddling a fake news conspiracy theory with absolutely no evidence to back up any of their claims. The President Trump is illegitimate meme is just another sad and pathetic example in a very long line of examples from the crybaby super-geniuses on the left.


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