The New Abnormal


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Styx makes the point that all the “fake news” screaming may be because those doing the screaming are afraid of some upcoming revelation. He doesn’t think it is #Pizzagate. I think it might be. Why? Because the CIA is one of the agencies doing the screaming.

Compromising an intelligence target is a very old trick. It used to be that sex with some one other than your spouse was used as a discrediting tool. And that became unexceptional (thanks Bill Clinton). OK. Some kind of same sex interaction. Larry Craig’s “wide stance” worked well – at the time. Now a days that is nothing. So what personal behavior is discrediting now?

A very old practice. Organized child abuse. And how do I know it is not of a recent origin? Aleister Crowley in his book Magick In Theory And Practice seems to describe ritual child murder in the book. Was he trolling for people who might be interested in such practices? He claims to have been (at least for a while) a British agent. And what do agents do? Compromise people they want to control.

So has our spy agency compromised targets by providing them children? What are the odds?

So is that what they fear? Their tools and targets becoming public? That is likely a near certainty. Whether it is what I described or something else.

This is something I wrote a while back that is germane.

The thing that is clear to our overlords is that I have no secrets in the Internet Age. What is not yet clear to them is that neither do they. Any action on the secrets they hold is a reveal. So their knowledge is of limited value or useless. Counterproductive even.

Of what use is a self destruct button? I’m not a Christian. At all. But the best advice I can give them is, “Go in peace.” If you need to own something try owning yourself. Because that is an infinitely harder job than owning a civilization. And infinitely more worthwhile.

By acting the CIA is giving their position away.


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