Suck it Haters! Say Hello To President Trump!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Trump has officially gone over the 270 mark thanks to Texas. Everything now is gravy.

Now we are only a few more weeks until Congress certifies the electoral college vote and we have an “official” President Trump.

This really was the last gasp of team Hillary and the rest of the crybaby democrat coalition. It was a longshot and it failed.

In fact it failed so hard that Hillary is now LOSING electors to the “anti-trump” coalition with them refusing to vote for her and choosing someone else instead.

After the left’s completely hypocritical challenge to the democratic process and results of the free and fair elections we had in November and the continued butthurt over the completely nonexistent Russian hacking connection, this was yet another slap in their face.

They failed to stop him at the primary debates.

They failed to stop him in the primary elections.

They failed to stop him at the Republican convention.

They failed to stop him at the general election debates.

They utterly failed to stop him at the general election.

They failed to stop him with the recounts.

They have now failed to stop him at the electoral college.

The left and the establishment is one giant bag of fail.

Gloat. Gloat well.

Drink deep from the well of gloating. For it is deep and plentiful this year.

And be sure to wish lefty special snowflakes a Merry Christmas too.


Written by NWC

Sparta Report CEO. Blogger by day. Connoisseur of video games by night. Background in the medical industry.

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially immigration.

These are my rants on the issues of the day.

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