Riddle Me This Lefties: How Are The Russians Responsible For A Terrible, Hateful Candidate?

If you’ve been reading anything in the Mainstream Fake News Media, then you know the narrative flavor of the day.

‘The Russians are responsible for Hillary’s election loss!’

This is absurd as it isn’t the first of many excuses that the left as well as Hillary herself have been offering to explain away the loss. Granted, even on the Left not everyone is buying this stupidity. Wikileaks has consistently maintained that the information they released came from DNC insiders and not through Russian government hacks.

But the Left is currently Hellbent on making this Fake News take root in the mind of the public as fact, so I feel the need to put out there why Hillary Clinton was, and always has been, a terrible candidate.

So let’s humor the Left for a moment and say, “Ok, it’s Russia’s fault that Hillary lost.”

Now what? Please explain the following, starting with the question : “How are the Russians, whether that is Vladimir Putin himself or his intelligence agencies and their hackers, directly or even indirectly responsible for the following:”

(ADVANCE WARNING: Logic is being used here, not a trait that the Left is familiar with)

– Did they force Hillary to illegally operate a private email server while passing classified info through it as Secretary of State?

– Did they also force her to sign an NDA where she acknowledged the penalties for such behavior while also legally proclaiming that she would do no such thing?

-Did the Russians plant over 650,000 emails from Hillary’s server onto Anthony Weiner’s laptop? Were they also responsible for the Clintons setting up Huma and Anthony years ago?

Did they design, implement and pay for the “birddogging” efforts that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC operated to create violence at Trump rallies?

– Did the Russians program Hillary to insult Americans with terms like “irredeemable”, “racists”, and “deplorables” while knowing she was being filmed?

– Did they make Hillary promise a 500%-550% increase in the importation of Syrian refugees to the United States?

-Did they also make her forget that she was Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s 1st term and that she had a big hand in creating and implementing Obama’s Syrian war policy, which included the “line in the sand” about chemical weapon use?

– Did they make Hillary threaten physical warfare with Russia over *alleged* hacks.

– Did they make Hillary vote for the Iraq War twice?

-Was Russia responsible for creating multi-billion dollar arms deals between the United States and big Clinton Foundation donors?

-Did they make Hillary double down on her open support for the very unpopular Obamacare law?

– Did Vladimir Putin himself force Hillary to hold extremist positions on abortion?

– Or maybe he forced Hillary to loathe the 2nd amendment where she supported extreme gun control measures?

-Did the Russians design the Clinton tax plan that would have increased taxes enough to take away over a trillion dollars more from private citizens?

– Was the Syria Policy created and implemented by Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama developed and controlled by Russia? Was Russia responsible for boosting ISIS in that country or responsible for the Benghazi attack that left four Americans including our Ambassador, dead?

– Did Russian mind rays cause Hillary’s frequent coughing spells in public?

-Did they also cause her frequent seizures that were caught on camera, including one that caused her to be thrown into a van on 9/11/2016?

– “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?!?

-Did the Russians cause Clinton to become obsessed with an internet meme, to the point where she wasted campaign time on the issue?

– Is Donna Brazile a Russian operative who gave Hillary CNN debate questions in advance?

-Did Russia rig the primary elections against Bernie Sanders or was that Hillary Clinton and the DNC?

Did they make her give out classified US nuclear secrets during a Presidential debate?

– Did they operate the Clinton Foundation in screwing Haiti?

Make Hillary promise to visit flood victims in Louisiana and then never show up?

-Make Hillary say that you should respect the results of the election otherwise it is a danger to our democracy before supporting recount efforts herself?

-Made Hillary call African-Americans “superpredators” and state “We have to bring them to heel” back in the 90s?

-Did they make her support the TPP as the “Gold Standard” of trade before opposing it? Did they make Bill Clinton sign and support NAFTA?

-At any time did the Russian government force Hillary to marry or stay married to a serial rapist?

-Did the Russians setup and implement the friendly quid pro quo relationship that the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation had with Morocco?

-Did the Russians also make her have fond, happy memories about getting the rapist of a 12-year old girl off the hook?

-Did the Russians trick her into hiring and keeping John Podesta as her Campaign Chair, who kept such lax security and simple passwords on his devices that they were compromised after a Wikileaks dump?

– Did they hack her internal programming to make her say: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders”?

– Did they also make her say: “You need both a public and a private position

There is more but I’m sure you all would like to chime in. Of course if you do want to point out a connection between Russia and Clinton where there is something there, I’ll remind you about the sale of certain US uranium interests to Russia that heavily involved the Clinton Family and their “charitable” foundation.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party still cannot come to terms with the fact that they are out-of-touch, that their policies are both backwards and harmful, not working for the average American. Blaming everyone and everything but yourself for unwanted political results may win you capital with the rabid and intellectually vapid Establishment Class. For the rest of us, we still remember what “The buck stops here” means and we are enforcing that through Donald Trump.

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