RECOUNT MADNESS: UPDATE: PA Judge Announces Date for Final Decision UPDATE II: Michigan Supreme Court DENIES Jill Stein Appeal

Stein initates a recount, MAYBE TRUMP DIDN'T WIN!!!?!


Wisconsin’s recount is almost complete, around 82% of the vote has been recounted.

In the count so far, Hillary has netted no new votes over Donald Trump. Currently, she only needs about 22,000 more to win the state.

Trump has actually gained 161 votes so far from the recount.

No evidence of any Russian hacking.

Rest assured, Stein is on the case.


Michigan’s recount is dead due to a federal judge agreeing with a state court ruling that Stein essentially has no standing.

Since federal and state courts have ruled against her, Jill Stein is making a last ditch effort to recount Michigan’s votes by asking the Michigan Supreme Court to restart the counting. Five out of the seven justices have been appointed by the Republican party.

Two of Michigan’s Supreme Court members have recused themselves due to being on President elect Donald Trump’s list for Federal Supreme Court possible nominees. The court still favors the Republicans as three out of the five remaining judges are Republican appointments.

No evidence of nefarious KGB involvement yet.


No rulings have come down as of yet, Jill Stein is seeking a federal court deus ex machina to force a statewide recount due to her missing the state deadline to apply.

She apparently decided not to go to a state court as they may have been deemed unfriendly to her demands by her lawyers.

Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by an even larger amount than he did in Wisconsin, around 44,000 votes.

They are currently in front of the federal judge who will decide this unorthodox case.


Monday for the final decision:

All the recounts are mandated to be completed by December 13th under federal law so that they may apportion electors for the electoral college later this month.

UPDATE II: Michigan Supreme Court votes 3-2 to Kill Off the Dreams of Jill Stein:


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