The time has come for Hot Gas dot Net to graduate from High School and move on to the “big leagues,” as Donald Trump would say. We are now a dot com! Welcome to!

A couple of things to note:

  1. Management and ownership remains the same as it did at Hot Gas.
  2. There will be NO Facebook commenting installed.
  3. Our mission – to promote conservatism, Americanism, and liberty while fighting the left at every opportunity – will remain the same.
  4. This gets us out from under the shadow of DeadAir, removing any opportunity for accusations of copycatting. We’re our own independent entity, putting those old memories behind us.
  5. will redirect you to for the time being, to give you time to change your favorites.
  6. Follow us on twitter @spartareport.
  7. Like and share us on  Facebook! Just click the button to like us in the sidebar!

As part of the new rollout, we are holding several contests* today, in this very thread:

  1. Coolest catchphrase to go with our header that captures the essence of what we are about (i.e. Ace’s H.L. Mencken quote at Ace of Spades)
  2. Coolest “boss tag” name for the moderators
  3. Best art work to be used as featured pic in all open threads (No copyright violations please!)

*The winners will be chosen by the moderators, but to qualify you must get a significant number of up-votes from your peers.

*The winners get a $100 Amazon gift card emailed to them directly, courtesy of Sparta Report!


Contest Over!

1: Doc Holliday

2. Doc Holliday

3. Justltl


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