Microsoft soon to be first Trillion Dollar Company


With its acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft (MSFT) has entered the sweepstakes to become the first digital company to get to a trillion-dollar market cap. Microsoft is the fourth contestant to enter the race and joins Alphabet (GOOG) (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook (FB). Even though Apple (AAPL) has the highest market cap at $618.3 billion, my prediction is that it will not be the first to a trillion-dollar market cap.

The first to a trillion will be an online or digital company. Digital companies have highly scalable models that address more than a billion individuals. More importantly, digital companies have the highest profit margins and have superb cash flow when compared to non-digital companies.

Race to a Trillion Sweepstakes,

Digital Contestants @ 12/22/16

Digital Company Market cap
Alphabet (GOOGL) 548.0B
Microsoft (MSFT) 494.6B
Amazon (AMZN) 366.0B
Facebook (FB) 343.1B
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