Microsoft soon to be first Trillion Dollar Company


With its acqui­si­tion of Linked­In, Microsoft (MSFT) has entered the sweep­stakes to become the first digital compa­ny to get to a trillion-dollar market cap. Microsoft is the fourth contes­tant to enter the race and joins Alpha­bet (GOOG) (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook (FB). Even though Apple (AAPL) has the highest market cap at $618.3 billion, my predic­tion is that it will not be the first to a trillion-dollar market cap.

The first to a trillion will be an online or digital compa­ny. Digital compa­nies have highly scalable models that address more than a billion individ­u­als. More impor­tant­ly, digital compa­nies have the highest profit margins and have superb cash flow when compared to non-digital compa­nies.

Race to a Trillion Sweep­stakes,

Digital Contes­tants @ 12/22/16

Digital Compa­nyMarket cap
Alpha­bet (GOOGL)548.0B
Microsoft (MSFT)494.6B
Amazon (AMZN)366.0B
Facebook (FB)343.1B

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