Illinois Loses More Residents in 2016 Than Any Other State!

Chicago Tribune

For the third consec­u­tive year, Illinois has lost more residents than any other state, losing 37,508 people in 2016, which puts its popula­tion at the lowest it has been in nearly a decade, accord­ing to U.S. census data released Tuesday.

Illinois is among just eight states to lose residents, putting its popula­tion at 12,801,539 people, its lowest since about 2009. Illinois’ popula­tion first began to drop in 2014, when the state lost 11,961 people. That number more than doubled in 2015, with a loss of 28,497 people, and further multi­plied in 2016.

“Illinois is a part of the country where, in gener­al, during the reces­sion, it held on to (people) who wanted to move to Sun Belt states. Now, it’s losing them,” said William Frey, a demog­ra­pher with the Brook­ings Insti­tu­tion who analyzes census data.

“When you have a big state like Illinois, to lose popula­tion for three years in a row? That’s cause for alarm,” he added.

The plunge is mainly a result of the large number of residents leaving the state in the past year — about 114,144 in all — which couldn’t be offset by new residents and births, accord­ing to census data measur­ing popula­tion from July 2015 to July 2016. The number of residents leaving the state is the largest in recent histo­ry, as data from 1990 show just 50,440 residents left Illinois and migrat­ed to other states.

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