FINALLY: Journalist accuses Trump of having sex with Ivanka

The best thing to do here is to post a screenshot, so when the tweet is deleted we still have proof.

Julia was promptly fired by Politico after this tweet, but of course it was a meaningless termination, since she was scheduled to start work at The Atlantic very soon.  Naturally, the Atlantic isn’t going to fire her over this, though.

Oh, and look who comes to her defense:

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“Burned at the stake?”  Uh, hey Kirsten, if we were to take you ‘hyperliterally’ as you media types do to Trump, you’d be a bald faced liar.

I guess the rule about the President’s kids being off limits ends with the Obama regime.  Looks like we have a solid bellweather of what the next four to eight years are going to be like.


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