Electors Want a “Briefing” on Russian Hacking Before Vote

The Hill

Ten Electoral College electors have asked U.S. intel­li­gence officials for more infor­ma­tion on ongoing inves­ti­ga­tions surround­ing President-elect Donald Trump’s relation­ship with Russia.

The group of electors, which includes the daugh­ter of House Democ­ra­t­ic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), wrote an open letter to Direc­tor of Nation­al Intel­li­gence James Clapper asking for the infor­ma­tion ahead of their Dec. 19 meeting to formal­ly vote for the next presi­dent.

“The Electors require to know from the intel­li­gence commu­ni­ty whether there are ongoing inves­ti­ga­tions into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian govern­ment inter­fer­ence in the election, the scope of those inves­ti­ga­tions, how far those inves­ti­ga­tions may have reached, and who was involved in those inves­ti­ga­tions,” the letter read. “We further require a brief­ing on all inves­tiga­tive findings, as these matters direct­ly impact the core factors in our delib­er­a­tions of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as Presi­dent of the United States.”

Nine Democ­rats and one Repub­li­can signed the letter. The Repub­li­can, Christo­pher Suprun, has said that he won’t vote for Trump when the Electoral College meets.

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