Trump hating Democrats channeled their inner Robert Byrd’s at a holiday office party in Portland, Oregon.

According to the Willamette Week’s report of the incident one female employee was so terrified by the display of hate-filled knuckle-dragging group-think by her distraught Donk co-workers that she and her bi-racial boyfriend fled the party in self-described “terror”.

She later quit her job at the company which sponsored the party turned Klan rally.

Sarah Mykkanen wrote an essay for the newspaper about the incident.

“In horror I watched as they strung a thick rope over a beam, with a noose tightly tied on one end. They held up the effigy of Trump, and put the noose around his neck.

The room filled with my white co-workers became a lynch mob when they started chanting “lynch him!” and “lynch the bitch!” People were laughing and taking snapchats and cheering as they swung around the effigy of Trump from a noose.

She goes on to describe the emotionally gut-wrenching scene in gory detail:

I was getting flashes from history; saw my coworkers with pointy white hats and robes, as they gutturally and repeatedly chanted, “Lynch him!”

She concludes her essay with a chilling observation about the “tolerant Left”:

Will I be on the end of that rope next if I disagree with the majority? Is Portland the birthplace of Neo- McCarthyism?

Amazingly, the newspaper that published the essay held a Cinco de Mayo party earlier this year where they smashed a Trump pinata and live-streamed the festivities.

The up side?


Not Minneapolis…


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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