Shock­ing revela­tions from Holly­wierd on the treat­ment of starlets by big shot direc­tors and mega-superstars!

Accord­ing to an inter­view in the Decem­ber 3 edition of Variety:

‘Last Tango in Paris’ Rape Scene Was Not Consen­su­al, Direc­tor Bernar­do Bertoluc­ci Admits

“Last Tango in Paris” direc­tor Bernar­do Bertoluc­ci confessed that he and Marlon Brando conspired again­st actress Maria Schnei­der during a rape scene in which the actor used a stick of butter as lubri­cant to simulate sex. The direc­tor addressed the non-consensual rape scene in a recent­ly resur­faced inter­view from 2013.

Accord­ing to Bertoluc­ci, he and Brando agreed not to tell Schnei­der what would happen to her because he wanted her reaction “as a girl, not as an actress.” He said that he and Schnei­der, who died in 2011, never saw one anoth­er after the film because she hated him.

The idea was to “humil­i­ate” actress Maria Schnei­der for the greater good of “artis­tic authen­tic­i­ty:

“I didn’t want Maria to act her humil­i­a­tion, her rage,” he (Bertoluc­ci) said. “I wanted Maria to feel, not to act, the rage and humil­i­a­tion. Then she hated me for her whole life.”

Before her death, Schnei­der had spoken out about the scene, includ­ing in an inter­view with the Daily Mail in which she said, “I felt humil­i­at­ed and to be honest, I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bertoluc­ci. After the scene, Marlon didn’t console me or apolo­gize. Thank­ful­ly, there was just one take.”

Fortu­nate­ly Ms. Schnei­der only felt “a little raped” by the experi­ence.

For those of you keeping score on college campi and in other bastions of feminist outrage appar­ent­ly the Holly­wierd Standard of Rape contains the catego­ry “a little raped”.

No doubt college admin­is­tra­tors every­where are relieved to be informed that this new standard is consid­ered accept­able behav­ior amoungst the Cultur­al Élite there­by allow­ing them leeway when private­ly adjudi­cat­ing behav­ior what should be a matter for the crimi­nal justice system.

The Ameri­can Dairy Associ­a­tion has not yet weighed in on the “roll” that the butter played in Ms. Schneider’s viola­tion.

In other news of the contin­u­ing decline of western civiliza­tion the HBO block­busters Game of Thrones and Board­walk Empire are being credit­ed for allow­ing the counr­ty to begin having the much needed “criti­cal conver­sa­tion” regard­ing the accept­abil­i­ty of incest:

Incest is still society’s deepest-rooted sexual taboo, mainly because the word is so often associ­at­ed with rape and inbreed­ing. But consen­su­al incest exists, and cases like Melissa’s — who discov­ered Lisa, a person­al train­er, was her biolog­i­cal mother only after the West Coast­ers had start­ed dating — pose their own host of ethical dilem­mas, includ­ing some we may final­ly be ready to discuss.


So if pop culture is anything to go by (and when isn’t it?), there are some signs that roman­tic love between family members is slowly becom­ing less social­ly outra­geous. Look no further than HBO’s Game of Thrones — which explic­it­ly portrays sex between a broth­er and sister — or scenes of a mother and son going at it in Board­walk Empire.

If only those Dang Meddlers in Govern­ment would take off their Prude Hats:

Govern­ments have long used two arguments to crimi­nal­ize consen­su­al incest — risk of inbreed­ing and damage to the family — but societal changes may be chipping away at both of these stances. While couples who are close relatives do have a higher chance of having children with severe birth defects, today there are many effec­tive ways to avoid pregnan­cies, or to get pregnant using a third person’s genet­ic materi­al. The need to protect the tradi­tion­al family struc­ture may also become less relevant as society changes. When one case of consen­su­al incest between a stepfa­ther and stepdaugh­ter was brought to the Supre­me Court in 2007, the judges ruled it should remain illegal because it harmed the family. But J. Dean Carro, the lawyer who defend­ed the inces­tu­ous couple says, “We were ahead of our time, but legal­iza­tion will happen because such cases will become more common.”

There are also self-reports of Holly­wierders using inappro­pri­ate sexual touch to promote “tell all” style book sales.

Mega Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support­er Lena Dunham went on record in her auto-biography describ­ing the touch­ing and explo­ration of a younger sibling’s vagina.

It is unclear if Ms. Dunham’s pussy-grabbing was consen­su­al, as her sister was a toddler at the time.

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