Book of Trump, the Cuck Chapter

1.And  it came to pass Trump was spirited away from the Tower of Trump, and into the Valley of the Cuck, and beheld  the iniquity which infested the land of his inheritance and it was not pleasing unto his eye.

2.And verily, verily, he sayeth unto it: I have seen the wickedness of your politicians. I have seen thy nakedness with mine own eyes, and it displeaseth me. I have seen the ways of the Nation perverted, and the Cucks rejoiceth in the doings of the Libs. I am a outcast in my own land.

3.For the Cuck, cucketh. And the Cuck  hath strayed from the path set forth by wise leaders. Because of their greed, they have sought power.  And the sins of this generation of Cucks are laid on the heads of the Cucks that came before them, for they taught their little ones how to cuck.

4. For it displeaseth  our ancestors, those who have gone before us and suffered to cleave this nation from another. This land is a choice land and it grieveth me to see it dashed to pieces.  Wherefore, I will set the corner-stone and will bring others to build upon it, to heal this Nation and to Make it Great Again.

5.Because of what I have witnessed and with much contemplation, it behooveth me to move into the breech, to stem the tide, lest this great Nation be destroyed. The Liberal and Cuck causeth the land to moan. They discomfort the worker, and take what is not theirs by the power of the Revenuers.

6.And as the wicked was used to punish the wicked,  I will use the Cuck to punish the Cuck. I will confuseth mine enemies that they tear at each other,  that they war with each other, and some of mine will  question my motives .  My ways are not the ways of others, and can be hard to discern.  I pray for an understanding heart, to help Make America Great Again.

For, for this purpose I have been brought forth, to return to the People what is rightfully theirs.



Harry Reid

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