Book of Trump, Chapter 6

Earlier excerpt from the Book of Trump here.


1. Behold! The winning continueth! For Trump promised me that I would win until I tireth of winning.

2. And Trump said Look! And he pointed to the  Dow, that it riseth up to highs never seen by Man.

3. And Trump said again, Look! And I beheld that Carrier would stay within the Nation, to reinvest great amounts of money .  And the people in the land of Indiana rejoiceth over it.

4. And Trump said Look! And I saw that Ford would keep production in the Nation, instead of sending it to The Land of the Cartels, which would crusheth their worker’s souls.

5. And Trump then asked: “Art thou tired of winning?” And I cried out, “No!”  And he smileth at me and said more winning was to come.

6. And Trump then pointed and said Behold! I have met with Softbank, and they will invest billions in this nation. It createth jobs that the Tyrant refused to grow. And I looked and saw it to be true, and marveled.

7. And Trump once again said Look! And I looked and beheld that US Steel would be investing in America, to bring prosperity to a troubled people.

8. And Trumps work was not finished, for I then beheld that the People of the Coal would mineth again. The winning  maketh me marvel, and I asked  Trump: “How is it so? How can thou win so much already?”

9. And thus He responded: Because I have faith in the American mindset. I have faith in the American Businessman.  I have faith in the American People. I  can see what it will take to bring back prosperity to this nation. For lo, thou can easily see that that Tyranny of the Kenyan refuseth to help this people,  for he seeketh to enslave half of this Nation. He keepeth this great people down with unholy regulations and orders, as he does not seek to raise this Nation up, but to tear it down and rend it asunder.

10. And Trump said Look! And I beheld  Dow Chemical building anew in the land of Michigan, and the people there shouteth out in joy, for their cities are crumbling  to dust.

11. And I also beheld that a man whose surname was Pruitt to head the EPA, to reign it in, if not destroy it.

12. And my eyes welled with tears to see that a Mad Dog will be unleashed as Defense Secretary, to tear apart mine enemies limb from limb.

13. “The winning, The winning” I whispereth to myself.

14. And Trump quoted  Saint Reagan, “ It’s morning in America.”  This nation shall rise once again, and I will never tire of winning for the American People.

15. I am no prophet.  What I discern, others may discerneth too. But I am in position to move Heaven and Earth and will do so.  For I have spent many years learning and testifying against the false prophecies of government  largesse and mindless stupidity, and they hateth me for it, being filled with evil spirits.

16. But I careth not for their feelings, for I will cast them out and taketh their coats. I careth about this Nation, and what it takes to Make it Great Again. Ye see the fruit of my labor, yet it has just begun.

17. For there is more winning that will come forth. There will be trials and tribulations, much gnashing of teeth, and rumors of Rooskies in divers places. A fiery furnace to refine us into a more profitable servant.

18. Now you Deplorable, let us go forth and win some more.  For my soul delighteth in winning.



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