The Adventures of Gigi #3 – Home for the Holidays

Hi Aunties and Uncles!

Arf, arf……….it’s Christmas time, and I just love Christmas!!! (Could someone tell me, what is Christmas? Daddy hasn’t told me.)

Since I last checked in here is my Holiday Update and some recent adventures I have had.

I am now 5 months old, and been with Mommy and Daddy for 3 months. I weigh 4.5 pounds and am about 10 inches tall. The doc says that I am going to be lucky to hit 8 pounds.

It looks like I will not get the long hair of either a yorkie or shih zui. Mine will probably be short so in winter, I will have to wear jackets and sweaters to keep warm…………..and also to lay on top of the heating vent, taking all the warm air for myself.

(Don’t look at the bottom of the slats. Yes, I did that chewing.)

For Thanksgiving Week, my cousins from Oregon came down. It was the first time that Tank, Bones and I had gotten together. They are a Cairn terrier and a Maltese. We had so much fun, but the first night, it got really scary for me.

I have small rawhide bones that Tank likes. Mommy gave him one and I went over by him to check things out. He thought I was trying to get it. Next thing……..Tank has grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and is shaking me. I was so scared………I shrieked loud and long. Everyone came running and Tank let me go. (I was okay.) I did learn to never mess with a bigger dog who was eating.

My favorite thing to do is go across the street and see Auntie Kimmie. When I do, I get to play with her girl, Apache. She is a big German Shepard whose head alone is as big as me. We play for over an hour each time, until we are both tired. Then I go home and eat and sleep.

I love to play with napkins and paper towels, tearing them all apart, all over the house. Mommy gets so mad when she sees me, and tries to take it away. I end up running all over, napkin in my mouth, and she cannot catch me. Finally, I will let her have it, after I have gotten it soggy.

Every night when Uncle Tim comes home from work, we have a go at it. I follow him to his room and get up on his bed. Then the fight begins. We go at it for at least 30 minutes each night. He throws me around and I keep coming back for more, biting his hands everywhere. This goes on until his hands start to hurt from my biting. Then he tosses me out of the room and I run downstairs and hang out with Daddy.

I do have another scary story to tell all. Three days ago, I was outside with Mommy. I am looking at the cover on the pool when I bent over too far. I fell onto the pool cover, and it had water on it!!!  I was so shocked and embarrassed.

Mommy pulled me out of the pool, but my feet and legs were all wet. So we went inside and Mommy dried me off a bit, and then I went and laid down on the vent to finish drying and get warm.

Well, I have to go and be an irresponsible puppy now. My toys have been neglected and I have to make it up to them by playing with them. Of course, I pull EVERYTHING out and NEVER put them back……Mommy just shakes her head and says “you are such a messy puppy”!

Will write again soon. Hope you enjoy the photos and movies.

Have a Merry Christmas! (I guess it is okay to say Merry Christmas now. These things about people confuse me.)

I love you all!!!



Written by PatrickPu

Former Loan Officer and currently a Case Consultant and Expert Witness in Foreclosure and Lending Litigation cases. Avid follower of NCAA Football and Top 25 teams.


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