Weekly Gaming/Technology Thread #10 – Black Friday Hangover

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly thread from the wonderful worlds of gaming and technology. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday now past us, you’ve probably got your hands on both gaming and tech. But that won’t stop additional deals from happening on Cyber Monday and through December.

What are we playing this week?

I’ve still been busy doing video editing and working but on Thanksgiving my brother brought his laptop and we played some Worms Armageddon. Man am I rusty at that game…

Gaming Headlines

Eh, the X1 is just a PC anyways: Resident Evil 7 Cross-Saves Between Xbox One & PC

Final Fantasy XV reportedly having some stuttering issues on the PS4Pro (and that’s w/ the Day One Patch)

But most games, such as Hitman here, see noticeable improvements

For those who didn’t refund No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has announced The Foundation Update

How To Install Xbox One Elite Thumbsticks Into a PS4 Controller

Black Friday PC Deals All Weekend Via Humble Bundle

Nintendo Cyber Deals for the 3DS and WiiU

When collecting Pokémon cards pays off


Most Disappointing Games of 2016 – I was having a conversation with friends about 2016, started by one of them throwing out his opinion that 2016 might be the worst year for games ever. Now with a month left, perhaps it’s too early to call so we can throw this out as primer.

I’m not quite there on this being the worst ever but it has been a rough time with a number of wildly disappointing games and more remasters/sequels that no one really cared about or asked for.

This video only covers three games but I’m sure that you all can suggest more…for the hype I heard from Capcom fans, I’m surprised that Mighty No. 9 isn’t on here 😛

Which game this year made you sorrow and lament for the dollars you spent on it?

Super Mario Maker for 3DS Overview – I still think that SMM would have been the perfect launch title for the WiiU as opposed to Nintendoland. Here’s hoping for the Switch’s sake that it will have the right pack-in launch title. But on the subject, if you’ve wanted to build Mario levels on the go, this game will have you covered:


No Description

World’s Fastest Drummer (Arcade) – Here’s something I saw last week at IAAPA, a very simple but innovative idea for an arcade game, the World’s Fastest Drummer. This one has had its own bit of development hell to go through – I first saw it at IAAPA 2010 in a much different (i.e. worse) cabinet with much worse software that was poor Flash game quality. Now picked up by MD based developer Unit-E, they’ve revamped everything and made it worthy of a release. The idea is simple – drum as fast as you can (with alternate beats, no double tapping) within the time limit. A camera and global leaderboards will be added to liven it up further

The World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade & NEON FM @ IAAPA 2016 (Unit-E) – Checking out what is perhaps the most unique coin-op arcade game at IAAPA 2016, the World’s Fastest Drummer. You can find an old prototype of the game on our channel that just wasn’t ready for primetime – this new version is improved in every way. Will be released in Q1 2017.

Watch Dogs 2 – All Trailers (PC, PS4, X1) – GTA isn’t really my type of game anymore and this looks like a GTA clone where gangsta thugs are just called hackers because that’s cool now. But you be the judge with this compilation of Ubisoft approved pre-launch hype (just remember, Ubisoft is one of those companies notorious for “bull shots” and making their games look completely different and better than what you’re actually getting).

That said, this nVidia trailer does show off some techniques that the game is using for higher fidelity on the PC version. WD2 launches Nov. 29th.

Watch Dogs 2 – All Trailers

From the announcement trailer to the beautiful San Francisco location reveal, here’s every frame we’ve seen of Watch Dogs 2. 00:00 Season Pass Trailer 1:47 Welcome to SF Trailer 4:05 E3 Cinematic Reveal Trailer 5:56 Story Trailer 8:33 Anti-Heroes TV Spot Trailer 9:23 Hack Everything Trailer E3 10:56 Online Multiplayer Trailer Watch IGN First coverage of Watch Dogs 2 here!

Omni Arena VR (arcades) – Another interesting setup I saw last week was the Omni Arena VR by Virtuix Omni and Universal Space. You might have heard of the multi-directional treadmill from a few years back – it was a concept that would allow the player to walk in place in a VR game. Well I got to try it out and it was certainly interesting. My only problem is, as I have discovered, that my head just cannot handle much VR. There’s a little bit of vertigo during the experience but it’s the migraine that lasts the rest of the day that really gets me. The Omni Arena will be available in 2 or 5 player configurations, the latter costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $70k (!). I am in this video shooting things but I won’t say which 😛

Omni Arena VR (Universal Space/ Virtuix Omni) @ IAAPA 2016 – IAAPA 2016 had more VR amusement items than ever. One piece that drew a lot of attention was the new Omni Arena, which uses omni-directional treadmills and HTC Vive to allow the user to move around the virtual space without taking up much physical space.

Homebrew of the Week: Crash Time Plumber (Atari ST) – The 16-bit Atari computers don’t seem to get near as much homebrew love as the 8-bit line but here is one new concept to buck the trend. Crash Time Plumber combines elements of Donkey Kong with Popeye Arcade to make for an interesting and fun looking game.

I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more Donkey Kong-like games thanks to the King of Kong and DK mania but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places…

ATARI ST – Crash Time Plumber

Crash Time Plumber

This is a conversion of the Gamopat original released only days ago at Silly Venture. Our Atari game was developed by Sebastien Lucas of Cerebral Vortex and it works on any Atari computer with a Blitter Chip.

Technology Headlines

Early detection of earthquakes via gravity?

Japan seeks to re-enter the Supercomputer arena; if I had one, I’d just try and see what kind of games I could push on it :p

This Japanese news site seems to really, really like the Realforce RGB Keyboard

Another service to give Google the finger, (requires an account though)

Want to watch Netflix 4k on your PC? There are a couple of catches (beyond having to watch Gilmore Girls)


Figuring Out The Mystery Behind Superconductors (thanks to Human_Being for the tip on this last week) – There are many “holy grails” sought in the field of physics, mysteries that have long been a question but no one, despite our advances, have been able to solve them yet. One such mystery is exactly how superconductors work and behave they way that they do. Understanding these things would allow for new technical innovations and breakthroughs, enough to benefit your every day computing device.

While we aren’t quite there yet, progress is being made as a better understanding of the “psuedogap” (the state of matter when it’s changing forms, say from solid to liquid) is inching us closer to the full knowledge. It’s a fascinating read and not too full of “technobabble” so check it out. 😉

Graphene: The Futuristic Way To Store Electricity – Reading about superconductors reminded me about graphene and supercapacitors. I remember hearing about this a few years ago but now as I look into it, people have been creating DIY videos on making your own supercapacitors out of graphene. Cool stuff:


Graphene: Energy

The developments in graphene have opened up many possibilities in the world of energy that were never before thought possible. With the creation of graphene supercapacitors, it is now possible to create an extremely powerful graphene battery that is both small and light.

Using Bacteria To Create Silicon-Carbon Bonds – To paraphrase Archer “Do you want Hortas? Cuz’ that’s how you get Hortas!”

Bringing Silicon to Life: Scientists Persuade Nature to Make Silicon-Carbon Bonds

More information: Researchers in Frances Arnold’s lab at Caltech have persuaded living organisms to make chemical bonds not found in nature. The finding may change how medicines and other chemicals are made in the future. Credit: Caltech

Natural Reality – It’s the Next Hot Thing everybody…I swear! Aside from the subtle eco-weenie propaganda thrown in,  it’s a funny point in a world caught up in the VR hype:

Natural Reality – The real reality

The VR headset was crowned as the Christmas gift 2016 by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. But we suggest an alternative, Natural reality – the coolest 360 experience of them all. It’s available for everyone and honouring the beautiful Swedish nature. Read more: (this website is in Swedish)

On a more serious note, once again, my head just can’t handle VR. 😛

Space pr0n of the week: NGC 4414: A Flocculent Spiral Galaxy – Not a flatulent galaxy mind you! Just a flocculent one, i.e. the spiral arms aren’t well defined so things blend together a bit more. They do make for very picturesque subjects though…


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