Morning Thread: A Trump Presidency: What to expect

Sever­al Hot Gas writers are going to be writing about this in the coming days, so under­stand­ably, I will not tackle this subject broad­ly.  I will be discussing produc­tion.

At the heart of Trump’s candi­da­cy was trade.  Fair trade deals mean more compe­ti­tion and better oppor­tu­ni­ties for produc­tion at home, more exports, and more high paying jobs.  Trump spent consid­er­able time empha­siz­ing that 70,000 facto­ries left the United States in recent years for foreign construc­tion projects.  He also point­ed out that he would consid­er tariffs if our trading partners didn’t get in line.  (By the way, they are already getting in line.  Pretty amazing what a little tough talk will do to motivate, isn’t it?  Tariffs aren’t needed if people straight­en up and fly right.  You hear me, Mark Levin?  Gawd.  Enough about that concern troll.)

Right now I want to take you back a bit.  If you can, grab a cheap paper­back copy of The Art of the Deal and read it.  Review my article on Trump’s construc­tion achieve­ments.  I want you to get a clear picture of who and what Donald Trump is.

He’s a builder.  Trump likes build­ings.  He likes construc­tion.  He’s not a stock trader or a lawyer or a finan­cial advis­er.  He likes creat­ing edifices that you can see, feel, and live inside.  He likes golf cours­es, hotels, casinos. He likes to brag about coming in ahead of sched­ule and under budget. (Oh, the horror)

Now think about what Trump has promised to do with money that is being wasted. I’m talking about trillions of dollars, here, folks.  He’s promised to rebuild our country. Roads.  Bridges. Infra­struc­ture. The Great Wall.  Nuclear plants? Oil drilling? (Dare I say, energy indepen­dence and telling the Middle East to go pound sand?) Keystone pipeline? Space eleva­tor?

Think of it this way.  Donald Trump has made himself a billion­aire through construc­tion, but he’s been constrained by his budgets.  He’s only able to do a few projects at a time.  Yes, they cost hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, but that’s small change.

Imagine when Donald Trump (who likes to BUILD things) gets his hands on the single largest produc­tion source in the world, namely the Econo­my of the United States of Ameri­ca.  What could happen?

Here’s my answer.  There will be so much dirt flying, we won’t be able to see the sun for a couple of years.

So we’ll work in the shade.

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