Political campaigns are exercises in using both halves of the brain. They require structure and discipline at levels engineers would love while simultaneously demanding innovative, out-of-the-box thinking capable of delivering miracles.

For over a year, the mainstream media has denounced Trump’s campaign in every way, shape and form – despite being humiliated by the results he actually achieved. Trump consistently over performed on Get Out The Vote during the primaries. Even when he had won the nomination with the greatest number of primary voters ever – the mainstream media NEVER gave him any credit for GOTV.

The MSM abandoned the truth and portrayed Trump as clueless on GOTV because it fed their lie he was DOOMED in the General Election. The one aspect beyond Trump’s control? What and how much your opposition will LIE. Now it’s time to reap the fruit of Letting Opposition Lies Lay.

The first twinkle of veracity came in the form of a tweet from one of the guilty parties:

If you were to follow the responses to that tweet, you’d find a LOT of confusion. What did it mean? Was the RNC FINALLY supporting Trump? Were they abandoning House and Senate candidates? What did it mean?

Fully funded field ops budgets MEANS the campaign staff, infrastructure, expenses and all the other things required for GOTV are in place and paid for 100%. All money raised since last weekend and going forward will be spent on television ads.

Remember early last week when I posted Time for YOU to save America?

I confess, I had an ulterior motive and knew more than I shared with you at that time.

The fact is Project ORCA taught the RNC a big lesson – they were outclassed, outgunned and behind the curve. So they put together the resources to develop capabilities that were not only competitive for GOTV … but had other purposes as well.

RNC chief of staff describes the $175 million tool that wins elections (they hope)

Walsh said the party has learned lessons from that loss eschewing a reliance on polling for a more predictive modeling program called “voter scores,” which gives each would-be voter in the 190-million member voter file a numerical value, 1-100, on how likely they are to vote and how likely they are to vote Republican.

“The beauty of predictive modeling is you’re watching an electorate voter-by-voter over a long period of time,” Walsh said. “You’re watching their movement, you’re watching what they care about, you’re watching what they respond to to and there are a lot of upsides to this.”

See the part in bold above? We’ll be coming back to that in a bit.

Twelve days ago I was encouraging everyone to contact the Trump campaign and volunteer to help with GOTV and poll watching. I mentioned Trump had been recruiting people directly and provided a link. I am hoping all of you and your neighbors hit the link and volunteered.

The system mentioned in the article above is the set of tools needed for the volunteers recruited by the Trump campaign to be effective in getting out the vote. The only piece missing is the human beings to knock, call, drive cars or vans, etc.

You will recall I mentioned the failure to test Project ORCA before election day in 2012. The RNC learned that lesson too. The first test drive of the current set of tools occurred in the fall of 2014. There was discussion of it online at the time but it was low keyed and soon lost in the Obama “I listened to the people who didn’t vote” noise. BTW, that’s another hint.

Trump has the volunteers beyond the reach of any local GOPe slimeballs (Yes, I AM talking to you John Kasich). The RNC has their set of tools AND Trump has his own data gurus in the mix with the RNC team.

If you HAVEN’T volunteered yet, why not do it now?

Anyone spot the ace I palmed?

“you’re watching an electorate voter-by-voter over a long period of time”

It doesn’t say, “you’re watching Republican voters voter-by-voter”. It says the electorate – ALL the voters and how they have voted over a long period of time.

Essentially, the RNC has built a set of tools that allows them to identify specific names used in what the system will identify as voter fraud. It will also identify someone who other data sources show as DEAD and whom, therefore, shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Above and beyond ALL of those good things? It should identify trends in attempted voter fraud so resources can be tasked to stop it.

To Democrats, that IS voter suppression. This time around, Obama can listen all he wants to “the people who didn’t vote”

With quiet determination we WILL persevere.

So please, politely engage people and explain gently why Trump is the only choice for this country.



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