The Book of Trump, Chapter Four

The Book of Trump, Chapter 4, verses 1-8

1. And Trump saw the Veteran, and wept.

2. For he saweth that the moneychangers made merry with the spoils while casting aside the Veteran who earneth the praise of the Nation for delivering the Muslim to the sword while suffering grievous injury, both on and off the field of battle.

3. And Trump heard the Veteran cry out: Who will help us? Who will rise up to avenge our injury? Who will stand for us? Behold, we are ignored, and cast asunder. We are left to die of our injuries after serving this Nation. Our blood crieth out of the dust for vengeance, in foreign lands East of the Benghazi, and in our own Nation.

4. And Trump was stirred into remembrance of the Veteran, and his wrath was kindled. “Be comforted, my sons. I have heard thy cries. I have seen thine honor and will uphold it. Ye have endured many hard things and I will soon send a Servant to succor you. I will defend thee, I will be on thy right hand and thy left. I will bear ye up when thy strength leaveth thy bones. The time is near; therefore, rise up and stand before me yet a little longer, for deliverance will soon come upon you.”

5.And the Trump said unto Sarah, If I chooseth thee and thou accepteth, I shall give thee power from on high. Whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shalt be bound in Trump Tower and whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth shalt be loosed in Trump Tower.

6. For ye shall be a power for Good, and ye shall smite thine enemies and my enemies, till their heads ‘splodeth.

7. For thou wast once mocked, and kept the faith. Thou wast scorned, yet thou foughtest with the courage of a lion. Thou hast taken the arrows of thy foes and the blows from their swords yet thou hast prevailed. Thou wast pushed aside, and hast triumphed.

8. I am with thee, and no power on Earth shall damage thee. For thus it is. I have spoken. Amen.



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