Not that he ASKED YOU, Megyn, but “thanks” anyway

From Newsmax:

In an interview with Adweek posted Monday, “The Kelly File” anchor was asked if she had spoken with Donald Trump since his stunning victory Nov. 8.

“Not at all, no,” she replied, but added there was someone else in the Trump family with whom she has been in touch.

“I’ve corresponded with Ivanka,” Kelly said of Trump’s eldest daughter.

Then questioned if she had ever consider joining the Trump administration, Kelly replied: “No. I think, first of all, that’s a younger person’s game.”

“But, second of all, I don’t need that kind of aggravation in my life, and I have a great job that I don’t want to give up,” she said.

Kelly did the magazine interview to talk about her new book, “Settle For More,” which, in part, recounts her nine months as a Trump Twitter target.


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