BREAKING: Gen. Petraeus visits Trump Tower, Romney to get SECOND interview

President-Elect Donald Trump had plans to meet with former CIA Direc­tor Gener­al David Petraeus in Trump Tower, accord­ing to Bloomberg News.  He is inter­view­ing for the highly publi­cized Secre­tary of State position in Presi­dent Trump’s cabinet.  The report cites a transi­tion official who indicat­ed that Trump is ‘inclined’ to offer the job but is hesitant to have two former military gener­als running both the Pentagon and the State Depart­ment.

At the same time, Mitt Romney has been sched­uled for a second inter­view for the same job, accord­ing to the UK Daily Mail. Romney’s consid­er­a­tion has been fraught with contro­ver­sy, as Trump’s transi­tion team is sharply divid­ed at the highest levels over whether or not Romney deserves the job, after his nasty criti­cisms of Trump through­out the GOP prima­ry, and going as far as pushing a 3rd party candi­date in Utah to oppose Trump during the gener­al election.

Kellyan­ne Conway remarked on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday that she was “just aston­ished at the breath­tak­ing volume and inten­si­ty of blowback that I see” from Trump support­ers on social media oppos­ing Romney’s appoint­ment.

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