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It can be stressful reporting on natural disasters such as hurricanes.

You’re essentially watching death and destruction rolling towards heavily populated areas like a freight train.

All the while you remain acutely aware of the fact that there’s nothing that you can do to help.

Perhaps that explains this little tidbit from Weather Channel meteorologist Jen Delgado:

Weather Channel’s Jen Delgado: Haitian Kids Eat Trees!

weather channel haitian treesHaitian children are so hungry that they’re…contributing to deforestation by eating trees?  Not even children in North Korea are that hungry.  Surely Ms. Delgado can’t be right?

Of course she’s not.  Haiti is a dirt poor country to be sure, but Haitian children aren’t contributing to deforestation by eating the trees.  Deforestation in Haiti can largely be attributed to the extreme poverty that many of its residents live in.

Jen Delgado has apologized for her bizarre remark, of course.  That hasn’t stopped people from all over the world calling for The Weather Channel to fire her, though.  Jonathan Francois, a man who lists himself as a Miami resident, has created a petition on calling for Jen Delgado’s termination:

This is a petition to ask Mr David Clark, President of Weather Channel, to get rid of Jennifer Delgado from his organization for her insulting remarks about Haitian children. While discussing the impact of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall on Haiti early Tuesday morning, October 4th, 2016, Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado panned to a look at the Caribbean country’s deforestation, which she states might pose a threat to the island more than their neighbors of the Dominican Republic. Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado said that “They take all the trees down, they burn the trees”. She went one step further to say that ““Even the kids there, they’re so hungry they actually eat the trees.” NO, HAITIANS DO NOT EAT TREES. Get your facts right before you offend 15 millions Haitians.

Haitians around the world are extremely upset and offended by Ms Jennifer Delgado stupid remarks and want her separation from the Weather Channel. She had not proven her professionalism, competence and knowledge about Haiti during her weathercast. As a result, she is in violation of ethical standards of journalism and her employer established rules and policies for employees. As a result, she has to let go. Instead of boycotting the Weather Channel where the company could lose millions of dollars in sponsorship and advertisement, we just want her to get terminated for her insulting remarks.


I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of including the hashtag at the end was, but the petition has so far garnered well over 17,000 signatures.  Perhaps Mr. Francois knows something I don’t.

Should Jen Delgado be fired for what is, admittedly, a bone-headed remark?  Not really, no.  It was stupid, incoherent, and leaves me questioning her intelligence and credentials, but I don’t think she meant it to be offensive.  Still, we all know that won’t stop the social justice warriors from calling for her head.  After all, life just isn’t worth living if you’re not perpetually offended by something.

Pictured: typical SJW...
Pictured: typical SJW…

Here’s hoping Jen Delgado’s career survives to give us more quality television moments like this.

jen delgado weather channel
And more dresses like this…

H/T to Instapundit for this one.


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