Hello, World!

Some of you will recognize the title if you ever dabbled in programming — particularly the C/C++ language. It’s the name of the first program that new practitioners of that back art write; a simple program to wake up, display that message on the “console” (for the old soldiers out there) and then nod off again.

Anyway, I elbowed my way into the ranks of HG contributors through the immense kindness of Fossten, NWC, Doomberg, Bruno, and the other keepers of the keys at our beloved home here. And, while I have been “blogging from the cheap seats”, this is my maiden voyage as it were. (And I am really nervous because I have never voyaged with maidens before; I sure do hope they will be gentle.)

Anyway, everyone has to start somewhere, so this is it. I will just leave you with something I stumbled across in the inter-webs and, for the moment, it is a message much more meaningful than anything I could write.

As for now, I will trot off and compose some stuff in an attempt to get my sea legs and try to be half as literate as the rest. Be gentle.

..or I will tell Ed Morrisey on all of you.


The War Planner


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