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Twitter’s Racism May Lead To Lawsuits

All it will take is for the ambulance chasers to notice what they are doing.

Twitter’s Racism May Lead To Lawsuits 1 of 1
Danger And Play

1. Danger And Play

“People stay reporting me for doxxing and twitter never does anything about. The only people I’ve ever doxxed are ignorant & racist people.” – BlvckConscious

When an underage white girl posted an Instagram comment that fit anyone’s definition of racist, Black Twitter went into action. Despite being under 18 and despite not having made a threat herself, the young girl found out here home address had been given out online.

I reported this clear violation of Twitter rules to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other members of the media.

BlvckConscious gloated, noting that Twitter allows her to dox with impunity.

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