Sundance: Lawsuit Against Thiel Retaliation for Conservative Activism

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Do you think it is coincidental that Peter Thiel is suddenly sued by the DoL a few months after publicly putting his influence on the line politically?   If so, that’s a very naive position.

The President Obama Treasury Department already admitted to the targeting of political opposition, Tea Party Groups, through the IRS.  President Obama claimed “not a smidgen of corruption“, the IRS commissioner was fired, IRS division head Louis Lerner plead the fifth, and replacement IRS head John Koskinen apologized for what he initially called a “rogue operation based entirely in Cincinnati“.

However, it was later proved this wasn’t just a rogue operation.

Catherine Engelbrecht (True The Vote) was one of the IRS targets, and recent admissions by Washington DC politicians showed that Congressman Elijah Cummings did, in fact, conspire to use the IRS to target her.

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