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The Gazda Video

I believe God does watch over America. I am becoming particularly convinced God is watching over Donald Trump.

Given the impact of the Gazda Video over the last few days, I am hoping God is watching over Zdenek Gazda – the gentleman who innocuously took the video of Hillary Clinton being loaded into a Secret Service van.

Any number of times since Sunday, I thought “Zapruder LIVES!” while I watched the video.

Just an average American, probably a little excited to be so close to someone he reportedly supports, Zdenek Gazda was in the right place at the right time to capture a moment from which the press pool assigned to cover Hillary Clinton agreed to stay away.

Think long and hard about those last four words. There is no greater indictment of the mainstream media than the fact they are now obeisant slaves of the Democratic Party.

The “pool coverage” has had the nickname “the death watch” for decades. That is the purpose they are there to serve – if the person they are covering dies, they are supposed to be instantly ready to report.

These days, when they are herded inside rope lines with less dignity than cattle, they are lower on the totem pole than the “Official Campaign photographer” who has almost unlimited access to a candidate.

This particular edit of the video by ViveLeFrance highlights one of the most important things about the entire situation.


How NYPD reacted to what they saw versus how the Secret Service and Clinton entourage reacted. You see two NYPD officers observe Clinton collapse and rush over to her. The taller officer actually pushes his way past the Secret Service in his concern for what he has just seen. I’d bet money he’s seen someone “stroke out” before while he’s been on duty. The taller officer reacted the way ANY first responder would seeing a 68 year old person with a known history of stroke. The greatest fear is the person is having another stroke and this is when seconds make all the difference in the afflicted person’s chances for a good recovery.

As pointed out elsewhere and in this video the Secret Service and Clinton entourage show a response similar to someone who might have stumbled slightly while carrying the groceries, “Be careful! You might spill the milk!”

They aren’t worried the person under their protection might be having a life threatening attack or dying. I have an easy explanation for their outlook.

The person under their protection and care IS dying & they already know it.

They know if that particular moment is Hillary Clinton’s “time to go” there isn’t going to be time to get her to a Trauma Level One emergency room – which is Secret Service protocol.

We should all be grateful to Zdenek Gazda, a legal immigrant to America, who captured a critical moment in our history and who does prove “Zapruder LIVES!” … but who should also be very careful doing any routine thing in his life for the next two months at least. People who are too close when a Clinton has an “incident” somehow end up dying doing the most routine things.

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