There is NO OBLIGATION moral or otherwise to pay one half cent more in Taxes Than Necessary To Keep You Out of Prison

Taxes Are Collected Through The Barrel Of a Gun

I love how the media acts all sanctimonious when Apple and other companies use offshore tax havens to avoid paying $BILLIONS of dollars a year to corrupt regimes like the US and EU.

There should be no outrage.  What the hell did these governments do to EARN a cut of their profits anyway?  “The government allowed the business to operate” a leftist will cry out.

Really, Mr. Lefty, you want to argue that government has a “right” to skim money off a business for the same reason that organized crime gangs do in cities like Chicago?

“Nice company you have there Mr. Cook, it would be a shame if something happened to it”.  So government is a form of organized crime?  That’s what this sounds like to me.

You won’t get any arguments from me on that score.  Government these days operates so far outside the Law, particularly the Federal Government, it can be argued that no one should pay any tax at all they cannot possibly avoid.  Because by violating any of the Constitution in part (which the DC Government does multiple times an hour) breaks the whole contract.  Which means Amendment XVI (income tax amendment) is as null and void as Federal Surveillance has made the 4th and 5th Amendments. In other words, Feds, if you want us to obey the amendments YOU like, such as the 16th  amendment, you had better yourselves respect the ones YOU don’t like.  Such as the 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th.  This is the essence of the contract by which you obtain the CONSENT of the governed and derive your LEGITIMACY in which to govern.  You break any part of our contract, and the Constitution IS the contract you agreed to when you swore your oath, you lose your precious income tax amendment along with any moral or legal authority to exercise it.

Furthermore, the politicization of the IRS in the example of Lois Lerner, “Snakeskin” Koskinen, in being able to target people and organizations purely for POLITICAL reasons with impunity, thanks to the Loretta (should be) Lynch Department of Social Just-Us again breaks the contract with the People that would compel us to morally and lawfully obey the 16th Amendment.

So why should I get pissed off if Apple and Google dodge billions of dollars in taxes?  Why should that upset me in the least?  That this means LESS MONEY for this corrupt, tyrannical and unlawful government to spend is, in fact, a VICTORY for those of us who want lawful government.  If Apple pays an insane tax bill how does that make MY life better?  Answer: It doesn’t. 

What would happen if Apple and Google marched to their nearest IRS office and paid $15 billion in “back” taxes?  Where would that money go?  Would it secure the border?  Would it make us safer from islamic terrorism?

No, most of it would find it’s way to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation or similar left wing scams.  Such as George Soros’s “Open Society” organizaions…  Or the pockets of reputed pederast (an accusation I’ve heard about but do not make myself) Senators like Harry Reid.  Or it would just plain be wasted in horribly inefficient government programs.  It’s a fact that government wastes at least 50% of the money it spends.  The more money it spends, the more gets wasted.  Government is a horrible charity because it’s one of the least efficient.  For every dollar spent on welfare programs, less than 30% ends up actually being paid out in benefits.  70% is wasted in bureaucracy.  Now this looks awesome compared to the Clinton Foundation, which manages to use up 85% of every dollar on expenses benefiting the Clintons leaving less than 15% for actual charity.

Which is why no one should ever turn over one penny more to the IRS than they have to in order to avoid prison. Every penny they force you to pay but not one half cent more.  And everyone should do everything they can to avoid taxes.  There is no obligation moral or legal, to conduct your affairs in a manner in which you end up “owing” more money to government.  Take Hillary Clinton for example.  She avoided a LOT of taxes by making the Clinton Foundation her principle charity.  Maybe we should all set up our own foundations with ourselves as our preferred charity.  This would piss off the political classes AND the IRS who would have to eliminate this loophole or see revenues dry up.

Which is one reason why taxes need to be lowered.  When taxes are perceived as being reasonable no one wastes any effort avoiding them.  Our taxes today are abusive and repressive.  Furthermore they are IMMORAL, going to fund murdering babies, for example.  Which gives anyone a good moral reason to not pay them AT ALL!

Written by Constantine XI

Born in Ashland, KY 1972.

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