Scribes and Pharisees: Part 2 – The Omega

Part 1 introduced Antonio Gramsci, the Father of Political Correctness and his blueprint for “passive revolution”.

Part 2 profiles Gramsci’s children and how their mendacity has brought America to the brink of Fundamental Transformation.

X’s & O’s: Gameday for Passive Revolution

If Antonio Gramsci was a football coach his game plan would be best described as “three and half yards and cloud of dust.”

Every game, every play, all season long.

And never, ever give up the ball.  Stay on offense at all times, even if it means changing the rules of the game.

Knute Rockne had The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame.  Antonio Gramsci’s backfield had the Four Horsemen of the Passive Revolution:

Educa­tion – Language – Religion – Media

Each player has a specific role in the march towards the goal line that is Western civilization’s demise.

The Pharisees: Education & Language

Gramcsi & his disciples believed that first and foremost, if you could capture the schools you could capture the culture. Once the Pharisees held the teaching curriculum and the education system they could then move easily on to seizing the second linchpin of the revolution: the language.  It was a two pronged strategy built upon the scaffolding of conquest.

Bill Ayers (surprise!) realized this and so did numerous other 1960’s radicals. Sure you could occupy the college chancellor’s office.  That was fun and presented a fine opportunity to smoke weed in rarefied surroundings, but then what?

Better to soften your tactics and prepare for the Long march through education’s institutions:

First down – get into the system as an associate prof, a TA, a consultant – it didn’t matter. Just get three yards and a cloud of dust.

Second down – full professorship and the department’s chair.  Also publishing rights and a budget. Another three yard gain.

Third down – capture the curriculum, revise history and co-opt truth (see Zinn, Howard) , control the rookie academics coming into the system (run off those that don’t get with the program), move into public policy through non-profits and government. Another nine feet and almost ready to move the chain.

Fourth down & inches – always, always, always go for it. And 99 times outta a 100 Team Gramsci got a new set of downs.

George Orwell was well aware of the need to control language and so were the New Pharisees. Once you control the medium you control the message. Good think, bad think. Good speak, bad speak.

Just don’t be too obvious about it at the beginning; toss them froggies in to that pot and let ’em think its a warm whirlpool without the annoying bubbles.

Remember, Gramsci was thinking in terms of generations to complete the change.  That meant taking the conquest of education and language out of academia and into every school house in every nook and cranny of the land.  Who better to present the vanguard of the revolution than sweet Miss Smith teaching middle school social studies or history or English.

By the time the proles figured out what was happening (if they ever did) it would be to late.  The language of “opposition” would have been destroyed or neutralized.  Add to that the convenient memory-holing of the culture’s common history and it’s first and goal inside the ten.

Except for that pesky Pope and his Protestant minions…

The Pharisees: Religion

Liberation Theology.

Nice. Who can argue with something as innocent sounding as that?

(Helps to control the language, eh?)

Forget taking the Christ out of Christmas.  Liberation Theology was designed to take the Christ out of Christian.

Liberation Theology is Saul Alinsky’s RULES FOR RADICALS as applied to the First Estate: “Make the enemy live up to his own rules.”

It plays particularly well in congregations concerned more with “social justice” than the disposition of individual souls. But like the rich man trying to buy his way past the Pearly Gates with a basket full of sheckles, Liberation Theology sings the siren song of buying the way into paradise one good work at a time.

What’s not to like here? No longer do you need to partake in that olde tyme “opiate of the masses” hocus-pocus business to score some brownie points with St. Peter.

The medieval purchase of indulgences upgraded for the post-modern world.

An so, in a day, did Rome fall…

The Scribes: Media

How does a determined minority (even a micro-minority) of True Believers take over the world?

It’s one thing to Change the Rules as you Play the Game, but what happens if you get called on it? What if the Proles realize they are being gaslighted and a preference cascade sweeps away all your carefully crafted scaffolding?

(For the quick answer, Bing images of: Ceausescu, Nicolae.)

In order for “passive revolution” to succeed the Pharisees needed more than a pack of lap-dog scribes.  They needed scribes who were in on the grift from the get-go.

Think Journolist here.

By controlling the gates of information – what is news, what is spiked, what is to be ridiculed (see Palin, Sarah), what is to be feared (see Trump, Donald) an on down the Politically Correct line, Wrong Thought could be contained and kept in a perpetual state of discouragement.

(Self-imposed psychological gulags are more efficient and cost effective than physical ones. Loving, not fearing, Big Brother is the endgame.)

The Scribes are the shock troops of the “passive revolution”.  They are the keepers of the stick and the carrot. Which is used depends on the individual: speech codes. Sensitivity training sessions. Social network shunning. Ridicule & humiliation. All is fair if it pushes the ball over the Fundamental Transformation goal line.

Touchdown, Team Gramcsi.

Coda: Gramsci’s Dog Whistle


Hillary Rodham Clinton is the heiress apparent to the Presidency of the United States.

It should be a cakewalk.  The media has spent the last 5 years doing battle space preparation on her behalf.  The Republicans are, well, the Republicans: clueless but content.

All Madame Hillary has to do is stroll down Primary Boulevard unscathed to secure the Democratic nomination and the White House is hers.

Antonio Gramsci’s children have other ideas.

Team Hillary never knew what hit them.

For what is the point of building a machine, cog by cog, year after year, generation upon generation if you never give it a kick start?

Enter the junior Senator from Illinois – Alinsky and Ayers and Gramcsi all wrapped up in one black and white, pants sharply-creased package.

Time to sound the dog whistle for Those In The Know:

He is the one we have been waiting for.

In 2008 every closeted Marxist, every silent socialist, every patient radical and band-wagon jumping radical wanna be hears The Dog Whistle and knows, instinctively, that Barack Obama is The One to finally bring it all together.

He is The Omega, the end of the Passive Revolution.

It’s all action from here on out, baby.

You ain’t seen nothing yet…


Scribes and Pharisees: Part 1 – The Alpha may be found at this link:


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