Ace of Spades is a Petulant, Bleeding from Wherever, Hack: Bans More Commenters


From the White Knight known as Ace of Spades:

I have repeatedly warned people against behaving like hokey-team “enforcers” — goons — who rough up the opposition. I have repeatedly stated that only personal attacks on you yourself are justification for a personal attack on someone else — and no, someone saying he’d rather have a diferent candidate than Trump, or that he doesn’t think Saint Sarah of Wasilla is going to run for president, counts as a personal attack on you.

Though some people seem to believe that these Tribe Members are essentially “family” and so personal attacks are waranted in their defense.

Disagreement is not an invitation for impotent rage monsters to hurl abuse at people.

He’s had enough.

He wants to let you all know that he has had enough in a superdramatic way… for the thirtieth time. Mr. Emotional Meltdown is having another one. Can someone who lives near Ace’s house let someone know that he’s a potential flight risk?

I will ban more. I have had enough.

I can’t count how many times I have read this from this petulant little bitch of a blogger. Do you all remember this little gem from my last post on this idiot?

Comments Will Be Closed for the Rest of the Day

If I feel like posting at all.

Good day.

We’re going to go through the latest convul­sion of toxic assholes and just start banning.

That’s right — just like Charles Johnson.

That was  in March, the last time he absolutely “had it.”

Seriously, why does he even blog if his pathetic little mind can’t handle people debating aggressively in his comment sections?

Remember, you can mock and attack “Saint Sarah of Wasilla” and the current nominee “Donald Drumpf” at will, but don’t you dare try to attack those Hillary supporting RAT commenters attacking them. You will be banned.

If you find a subject, like the possibility of rewriting the rules to dump Trump , #triggers you to much emotionally for you to compose a civil response, then either leave the site to rant somewhere else, or write an epic, final fuck-you to me and the other commenters. Make your last post herecount.

Fuck you Ace. You are triggered more than any other person I have ever met. Leave the party and join the Democrats you miserable loser.

The ongoing high school cheerleader, bullshit pity party that you Democrats in the godawful NeverTrump movement have been holding for MONTHS.

You Lost.

It is clear that you don’t give a two craps about conservatism or America in general. You care more about soothing your mean girl, emotional trainwreck of a life that is your pathetic existence than even coming close to dealing with the realities of the situation.

Trump will not be unseated by some magical gathering of conservatives democrats.

Accept him as the nominee or declare your support for Hillary. I don’t want to hear about “your principles” either, Ace, since it is coming from a man who voted and shilled for Mitt freaking Romney.

Money Ace Quote:

I’ve had it. I’ve had it. I am tired of emotional spastics driving off good commenters.

He’s just simply lost it. The delicious irony in this statement is lost on mental cases like Ace of Spades of course.

It has been evident for quite a while that Trump has triggered many of these emotional basketcase “conservatives” like Ace and Beck and Will and Benson. These people are using the conservative movement to bankroll their own fortunes. Or in the case of Allahpundit, they only came to conservativism because of 9/11. And have been moving further and further left ever since to keep up with the lefty establishment.

When George Will and Rick Wilson tell you they are leaving the party because they support conservatives only, remember that they supported Mitt “Cap and Trade, Abortion, Killing Coal, Big Government Healthcare, Raising Taxes, Name Your Government Expansion is Great” Romney.

Now they draw the line on Trump? These are not normal people, these are emotional basketcases. These are unstable, democrat supporting republicans who are calling themselves conservatives.

Speaking of Hillary Supporters, King NeverTrump himself believes he should have a speaking gig at the convention to attack Trump and boost himself for his 2020 presidential run. Because let’s face it, his NeverTrump supporters are being written off the rules’ committees by the RNC/Trump campaign. Not only that, he will do this without an endorsement of Trump:

Alexandra Jaffe on Twitter

Cruz says he and Trump discussed speaking at the convention, and he plans to do so. No endorsement though, he said.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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