What’s Clear in Cincinnati Zoo Case: Harambe Had to Die

Chicago Tribune-I don’t understand the outrage over shooting a gorilla that dragged a 3-year-old boy through a shallow moat.

By now, every human in the world with access to a TV has probably seen the video of the frightened toddler who fell into a gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. I’ve watched it twice, and both times I reached the same conclusion: The ape had to die.

Let’s put aside for a moment how it happened. Maybe the zoo should rethink those natural habitats and keep gorillas in cages. Perhaps the mother of four is unfit because she took her eyes off one of her kids for a few seconds. Maybe the toddler is to blame for being too curious about what was going on behind those bushes. And of course, let’s not let the dad off the hook. He has a criminal past, as at least one news outlet has reported, and wasn’t even at the zoo when his son needed him most.

Regardless of the ridiculous accusations floating around, here’s the bottom line: A helpless child ended up in a silverback gorilla’s front yard, while the animal and his friends were home.

Now, let’s make it personal. How would you react if you suddenly found yourself face to face with a 450-pound dominant male gorilla? How many people would be willing to wait calmly while someone tried to determine if the gorilla had grabbed your arm in a friendly gesture or to sling you back and forth against a rock.

My guess is that you’d do the same thing that I would — scream at the top of my lungs for someone to immediately take him out before he took me out.

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Written by NWC

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