Hey Gassers!  I’m honored to be here after the fantastic and steadfast activity of this community in the wake of Sunday’s islamic terror attack.  Gay or not, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and every American deserves safety from islam on our own soil.  I am proud of the quality of the comments in the many many open threads where we have been discussing the 6/12 Orlando ISIS attack.

ISIS, that “JV Team” that Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq created.  Then dithered about for months after they started conquering vast swathes of territory.

Never forget that important fact.

There is one person responsible for the failure of our government to protect America from islam.


The blood of the dead in Orlando is on his hands.

A personal note, I’m going to be taking more of a behind the scenes role on HotGas (at least in the evenings) until cable internet is installed in my new apartment in Southern Ohio (yes, I am in the process of moving).  It’s not far, I’m not changing jobs or relocating.  In fact I’m moving a lot closer to my job.

And taxes are a lot lower in Ohio which means I will be contributing less welfare money to Black Lives Matter.  Which of course makes me a raciss.  Not to any rational person but who ever called BLM rational?

By the way, I think the biggest story that will develop today is that Donald Trump’s strong speech FINALLY forced Her Royal Thighness to say the words “radical islamism”

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