Rafael Cruz is destroying his career by running for President


“You know, it’s striking…” A hackneyed phrase used in debates and interviews by Rafael Cruz, overworked to the point where it’s noticeable.  “And indeed, you will note…”  Another one.  It’s so obvious now.  And Trump’s “We don’t win anymore…” or “…they have to come back LEGALLY.”  This is what happens when you vet a candidate: You get to know him.  All his mannerisms, his flaws, his idiosyncrasies.  Especially in a political campaign lasting a full year, because repetition is the name of the game.

What’s interesting to me, however, is the way candidates reveal themselves.  Over the course of twelve months even the jaded media starts to get tired of the sing-song nonsense and they bore in for the real candidate.  And of course, you get to see those candidates in action, how they work, how they interact with crowds and media, how they respond to adversity.

The absolute worst thing Rafael Cruz has done to his career is try to run for President.  We’re talking the quintessential Peter Principle Poster Boy here, folks.  If “Ted” had only remained in the Senate, nobody would ever have figured out who he really was.  He had a pretty decent voting record, with some arguably questionable votes here and there, but a reputation for opposing the feckless GOPe in Congress and going head to head against Obama on occasion.  He was the people’s champion of legislators, and if he’d stayed there, he’d likely have been beloved by conservatives for many future terms.  Now, he may end up being primaried in the next Senate election, and thanks to his lack of friends in government, he’ll have a hard time getting a job.  How did this happen?

It’s simple.  He ruined his own reputation by revealing his true self.

You can’t run for president and hide who you are anymore.  The media, including social media, is too widespread.  And the Ted Cruz I see today is not the Ted Cruz I saw back in August.  Back then people were upset that he wasn’t getting enough time in debates; that the media was shutting him out.  Now people turn him off when he comes on TV.  Back then people lauded him as the Constitutional Conservative for his work in shutting down the government.  Now voters despise him as an unconstitutional disenfranchiser of voters.  Back then voters liked how Ted Cruz spoke the truth about the media.  Now Americans are disgusted by his incessant lies.

Here’s the most vivid contrast between Trump’s faults and Cruz’s faults:  Trump catches flak for saying what’s on his mind, no matter how offensive it is.  Cruz catches flak for lying and dirty tricks.  Trump annoys voters with his blunt, controversial statements, but there’s no guile there.  He’s telling the truth about what he thinks.  That’s why voters forgive him when he crosses the line of “Presidential Propriety.”  They understand that he’s just being honest.  And they know that if he’s that honest about things that offend, he’s also that honest when he lays out the things he plans to do as President.  In short, Trump’s own bluntness acts as a lie-detector test control to prove that his other statements are true.

Contrast that with Rafael who, among other accomplishments since the Iowa Carson debacle, has become an expert at the game of “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”  He’s been caught in so many lies even Bill Clinton be like, “Damn boy, you be lyin’.”  And he just keeps going, like Hillary Clinton, daring the media to call him out for it so he can call them leftist Democrats.  I watched him on Megyn Kelly’s show turn repeatedly hammer his talking points about Trump regardless of her questions. Even a visibly frustrated Megyn Kelly rolled her eyes.

Skip to the 5:00 mark to watch.

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File | April 28, 2016 | #CruzCarly2016

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“And indeed, you’ll note” in that video Cruz states that there will be a contested convention and Trump won’t get to 1,237.  I don’t know if he’s delusional at this point or just trying to buck up his supporters.  I understand you don’t go out there and say “I’m about to get my ass kicked” but guaranteeing a win isn’t something you do when you’re down four touchdowns with eighty seconds left on the clock.  And yet – Kelly asks him point blank “How confident are you in Indiana?” and he replies, “I hope we will do well…”  How does he reconcile those two statements?  Guaranteeing Trump won’t win Indiana and hoping he’ll do well?

I’m starting to wonder if he’s gone mad.

Even Chuck Todd has had enough of Cruz dodging questions about the election.  Chuck asked Cruz if he would support Trump as the nominee.  Five minutes later, and despite Chuck Todd asking him NINE TIMES, he would not answer the question, and in fact accuses Chuck Todd repeatedly of trying to get Cruz to support Trump.  Huh?  

Moreover, Chuck Todd is forced to confront Rafael with the fact that the voters are rejecting him.


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Rafael pushes this talking point about there not being a debate for the last 49 days, but he didn’t seem to care about debates when Colorado didn’t vote.  The reason for debates is for voters to get more information to decide, right?  But in Colorado the voters didn’t get to decide.  So what the hell does he care?  Furthermore, since Colorado, his favorables have plummeted.  Voters are seeing him for who he truly is.  And now he’s characterizing the Trump campaign as “evil.”  Really, Rafael?  Evil?  Come on, dude.  You aren’t Luke Skywalker and Trump isn’t Darth Vader.  Save the melodrama.  This is what I mean about Cruz: He’s exposing the worst parts of himself to the voters.

This isn’t the same Ted Cruz that ran back in  August.  Not the same Ted Cruz that opposed the GOPe in Congress.  This man is exhibiting signs of delusion and denial.  He’s outdoing Rubio in the repetition department.  And I’m not sure he knows exactly what he’s doing, either.  These aren’t the actions of someone working from a basis of common sense.  Fourteen other candidates have seen the writing on the wall and gotten out of the race.  Forget Kasich – he’s an idiot.  He’s just auditioning for his future career as host of Man vs. Food.  Ted Cruz is NOT an idiot.  He’s a brilliant, Harvard educated lawyer.  Why is he acting this way?

I cannot believe that he believes he can win, else I must conclude that he has gone mad.

The only other option is that he’s been paid off by the establishment to oppose Trump to the bitter end.

Considering he’s dousing his career with gasoline and lighting a torch, they’d better give him something good.


Written by Fossten✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾᴵᴬᴺ♔

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